1 Pt 1: 10-16   Today’s battle is a battle for the minds of people. Even before people are willing to listen to arguments defending the faith we first have to convince a lot of people that faith is a reasonable step to take in the first place! The power and seductive nature of scientific truth is quite insidious. There is nothing wrong with it per se, but we need to remember that it is not exclusive of faith. After all, modern science as we know it was developed in the Church by the monks and priests.


Jesus, help me to thirst for knowledge, both scientific and religious. Help me to see that the two are not mutually exclusive.


Mk 10: 28-31 Even the apostles can be a little materialistic – “What is in it for us?” they ask! If we are honest with ourselves we have all probably contemplated this question! If we have not yet done so, then I guess that it will not be too much longer before you discover yourself doing it. Our reward for faith is eternal life – if that is not enough motivation to serve God, then nothing will suffice.