Acts 2: 14. 22-33 Peter is careful to link the Gospel of Jesus with the history of the Jewish people as he knows that this is where the more likely converts will be. The Jewish people had been prepared for this moment for 2000 years; the gentile nations had nothing of that! Yet it is among the gentiles that the Gospel will flourish in an incredible way. For me, this indicates the power of the truth of the Gospel that even those who had no preparation for the idea of a Messiah were able to understand the significance of the life and mission of Jesus.

Holy Spirit, you go before the proclamation of the Gospel to prepare the hearts and minds of those who will hear it. Help me to better understand the truth of God’s love for me.

1Pet 1:17-21 The First Letter of Peter is generally considered to be an ancient text for instruction about Baptism. In it we discover many references to the starting point of the life of faith. The reading today speaks of our being redeemed (bought out of slavery) by the blood of Jesus and not with silver and gold. The image of redemption invokes the idea of slavery. In a secular sense we mean the slavery of one man to his master and in a spiritual sense to sin. Jesus has redeemed us from our slavery to sin through shedding his blood on the cross.

Holy Spirit, help me to deepen in my understanding of ‘redemption from sin’ so that I will be able to turn away from temptation and live a holy life for the rest of my years.

Lk 24: 13-35 The disciples’ hearts burnt within when Jesus explained the Scriptures to them. Let us pray for the same sort of experience when we meditate upon the Word of God. Let us seek to discover the heart of God through his word by begging the Holy Spirit to break it open for us as we read it. Let us be committed to regular reading and reflection upon the Scriptures as it is here that we will find the most fruitful source of knowledge about God and his love for us.

Holy Spirit, help me to open my mind and heart to the truths of the Scriptures. Do not allow me to doubt the veracity of the Word of God simply because it is not necessarily and empirically verifiable source of knowledge.