2Macc 7:1-2, 9-14 It is hard to believe that human beings can treat one another in such ways! This only serves to emphasise the extraordinary commitment of the members of this family in the face of trial and persecution. We often complain when the weather gets a bit hot and humid or its too cold for our liking. This is nothing compared to the horrors being talked about in the First Reading. What extraordinary faith these young men had!

Jesus, allow me the grace to grow in faith to the point that we witness in the First Reading. Help me to offer the small discomforts I experience in life to you as a sacrifice for the salvation of souls. Help me to do this with joy and without complaint.

2Thes 2:16-3:5 Paul mentions that there are people who directly oppose the proclamation of the Gospel. He asks the Thessalonians to pray that the opposition of these people will be neutralised. In all evangelising activities that we undertake it is always helpful to prepare the way for the proclamation of the Gospel with prayer and fasting. We should ask the Lord to prepare the hearts of those to whom we will be speaking.

Holy Spirit, open the hearts of the people I am presently involved in evangelising so that your Word will more easily find a home in their hearts. I also offer to you the following sacrifice …………. as a measure of my commitment to this task.

Lk 20:27-38 The belief in a person God who consistently interacts with His people is a something that is singular to the Christian faith. We have a personal God who desires to be in relationship with us. This is so different from the understanding of God – up there – looking over and ruling the world. It draws us into the persons of the Trinity as they seek to reach out to us with the gift of salvation and eternal life.

Holy Spirit, help me to realise the extraordinary nature of the offer of relationship with God at the one to one level. God could not get any more personal than He has in becoming incarnate. Let me grasp the opportunities to get to know Him that come my way.