The way that some people live their lives gives me an impression that they believe that once we die there is nothing more to follow this life. For me, this makes me very sad, as our lives here on earth are a preparation for an eternity of life with God or without Him. This makes the choices we make here very serious ones. When we consider that we attach eternal realities to our moral decisions, it seems to me that we should take this aspect of our lives very seriously.

It is good to reflect upon this issue often! When we are making decisions concerning how we should spend our money it cannot be a decision that is focused solely upon our own desires and pleasure. Each of us is called to love our neighbor as Jesus has loved us. This means that we cannot live totally individualistic lives as if we are laws unto ourselves. We do have a moral responsibility to do what we can to alleviate the sufferings of others, and we should certainly be ensuring that we are not contributing to their sufferings by our own negligence or action.

In the Gospel Jesus speaks of the reality of two eternal destinies. Hell is a possibility! We do not know if there is anyone there, but we do believe that it is possible for people, even ourselves, to end up separated from God forever! This is not a nice thought and I do not think any of us wants to make it a reality, however, this means that we have to ensure that we live our lives according to our moral and spiritual responsibilities.

Today’s world often seems to be oblivious of such responsibilities as it seeks to legitimize many types of sin under the guise allowing people to choose according to their felt dignity. It is never an exercise of true freedom to choose a path other than the Gospel lifestyle. Any choice that does not affirm the dignity of the human person in all its unchanging truth is one that leads a person away from God and never towards God. There are absolute moral truths that the Church will always uphold that guide us in our actions. The wise and faithful person will guide their consciences according to these truths. They will seek to live their lives according to the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Am I always faithful to the moral truths that the Catholic Church teaches? If not, am I aware that I may be endangering my eternal salvation.

Father in Heaven, when you created us you did so according to a universal and particular moral order. Help me to live my life according to your laws and thus live life to the full in the freedom of the sons and daughters of God.