3rd Sunday of easter

Acts 2: 14. 22-33 Peter is careful to link the Gospel of Jesus with the history of the Jewish people as he knows that this is where the more likely converts will be. The Jewish people had been prepared for this moment for 2000 years; the gentile nations had nothing of that! Yet it is among the gentiles that the Gospel will flourish in an incredible way. For me, this indicates the power of the truth of the Gospel that even those who had no preparation for the idea of a Messiah were able to understand the significance of the life and mission of Jesus.

Holy Spirit, you go before the proclamation of the Gospel to prepare the hearts and minds of those who will hear it. Help me to better understand the truth of God’s love for me.

1Pet 1:17-21 The First Letter of Peter is generally considered to be an ancient text for instruction about Baptism. In it we discover many references to the starting point of the life of faith. The reading today speaks of our being redeemed (bought out of slavery) by the blood of Jesus and not with silver and gold. The […]

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I always find it heartening to read this text as it is important for us all to remember what it is that God wants us to do. There is a seemingly never ending list of things that need to be done, but the real question is which of these things has been assigned to your responsibility. It is no good doing many things that others are sup[posed to be doing as it will mean that the ones you are supposed to do will not be done and the others will have nothing to do as you are doing it all for them! The apostles recognize that too much administrative type work was keeping them from their essential mission of preaching the Gospel. Therefore they raised up men, later to be known as deacons to look after some of this administrative work so that they would be freed to focus on other things.

It is important to note that this is not saying that one thing is more essential than another but it is an affirmation that in the Church there are roles for each of us to play. God has a will for each of us and our greatest fulfillment will […]

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I find it difficult to know if Gamaliel was a sympathizer with the Christians or not. I wonder whether he eventually became a Christian. Whatever the answer to these questions may be, it is certain that he had a level of wisdom that was used by God to clear the way for the proclamation of the Christian message. The logic Gamaliel uses is faultless and it would seem to me that if he lived to see the success of the Gospel he, himself, would be forced to follow his own logic and surrender to the Christian Gospel. However, we do not know if this happened or not!

What is critical for the spread of the Gospel is that his argument gave rise to a relative peace and acceptance of the fact that here was a new message that might be worth listening to and considering. The proof of its veracity or truthfulness would be seen whether it was long-lasting or just another fad that is here today and gone tomorrow. If there is substance and truth to the message then it will endure and therefore we have no right to obstruct its advance.

One of the great dangers facing Christianity today is […]

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Down through history this experience of the apostles will be repeated over and over again as men and women seek to proclaim the Gospel truths whether they are welcomed or not. Many men and women were martyred for their faith as they proclaimed the Gospel in lands and among people who were hostile to the message. Even today there are many places in the world supposedly ‘off limits’ to the proclamation of the Gospel. The biggest problem with this is that in a certain sense, if we are Christian and living our faith, we are proclaiming the Gospel precisely through the way we live without having to say anything. St Francis of Assisi is reported to have once said to his brothers as he sent them out to preach, “Go and proclaim the Gospel; use words if you have to!”

One of the primary means of proclaiming the Gospel is through the witness of our lives. In fact, if the lived witness of the Gospel is not present then any words that are spoken, no matter how eloquent they may be, leave us open to the accusation of hypocrisy! The most powerful witness to the Gospel is always the life each […]

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Jealousy and envy are quite different as far as sins go but their effects are the same – destruction of relationships. The high priest and the Sadducees are conspiring under the motivation of jealousy to arrest the apostles because of the success the apostles are having of winning converts to their way of understanding the life and ministry of Jesus. There are few motivators that are worse than jealousy and envy and the destruction of relationships that these two initiate is often very difficult, almost impossible to repair.

Think back in your life to an experience of jealousy where you were either the victim or the perpetrator. I am sure you will agree that no good came out of the actions prompted thus wise. What we need to be aware of at all times in our relationships with others is that fallen aspect of our humanity that leads to the rise of jealousy and envy. It is essential that we ‘nip such feelings in the bud’ or else they will gather momentum of their own and be extremely destructive.

St Francis of Assisi writes that such feelings are sins against the Holy Spirit as they are an outright refusal to rejoice in […]

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We read in the Gospel today something of the foresight Jesus has into His mission. He likens what will happen to Him to the situation in the desert where Moses lifted up before the people a staff with a serpent on top. All who had been bitten by serpents and then looked upon this raised staff were healed. In retrospect we can see how this image fits in with the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus, who was lifted up for us on the cross becomes the source of our healing, the forgiveness of our sins. As we gaze upon Him lifted up and surrender our lives to His love we will be saved.

The way the biblical authors use Old Testament images and figures is instructive as to how they are interpreting the life of Jesus, particularly in relation to His Jewish roots. We may not be Jews, but the whole of Jewish history up to the time of Jesus is now our history and we should not only be willing to learn from it as such but it is necessary for us to do so. Without situating Jesus’ life, death and resurrection in its proper context we will […]

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The language of Jesus is somewhat confusing to Nicodemus and I can hardly blame him for being confused. It is not immediately apparent from the context of the situation exactly what Jesus means. We readers have the advantage of hindsight and 2000 years of analysis in order to understand what Jesus means, but spare a thought for Nicodemus who has none of this.

Jesus tells Nicodemus that He must be born of the Spirit and from of above if he truly wants to follow Jesus and understand His teaching. The same is true for us today! We will not understand the message of the Gospel unless we approach it with faith and seek to understand it with the help of the Holy Spirit. What Jesus is telling Nicodemus is that a whole process of conversion has to go on in his life before he will fully understand what He, Jesus, is preaching. This conversion only takes place under the grace of the Holy Spirit.

The Jewish faith had become very dependent upon very human interpretations and applications of the Law of Moses to the lives of the people. Jesus is signaling that this must come to an end a new era of […]

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Divine Mercy

Jesus speaks the words, “I forgive you, I have mercy on you’. Fr Chris Eaton speaks about this beautiful gift of forgiveness on this feast of the Divine Mercy. This homily was recorded in 2016. Download this episode (right click and save)

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Divine Mercy

Jesus speaks the words, “I forgive you, I have mercy on you’. Fr Chris Eaton speaks about this beautiful gift of forgiveness on this feast of the Divine Mercy. This homily was recorded in 2016.

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DO YOU BELIEVE? Jn 20:19-31.

The apostles present Thomas with a challenge. They have seen the Lord! Will Thomas believe them? As we are well aware, Thomas’ initial response is in the negative. However, after he too encounters Jesus, he is ready to believe. I do not think that Thomas’ response is all that far from that which we could normally expect from a person being confronted with such a challenge as he was! I like to think that I would have believed without seeing, but I somehow think I would have given pretty much the same answer as Thomas did. What about you?


Herein lies an awesome responsibility. Yes, it is possible for Jesus to appear to people today but it does not seem to be His preferred way of acting! He has given each one of us, His disciples, the responsibility to make Him manifest to the world in the way that we live our lives. “Oh, no!” I can virtually hear you cry. “Oh, yes! What a joy this will be for us all if we can learn to trust that it is the work of the Holy Spirit and not dependent solely upon us!” is the reply that I make to you! […]

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