Blind to life

Fr Chris Eaton MGL speaks about the blindness of our own heart in this homily for the 4th Sunday in Lent.

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Video 7 – Decision or destination

You have already made every decision for the next 10 years

This sounds depressing and slightly disempowering, but it is true. There is something deep inside you which is driving every decision you make and you are unaware of what it is. If you want to live differently, you need to stop thinking about your decisions and start thinking about your destination.
This video will need some serious reflection afterwards, so make sure you take time to pray about it.

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Blind to Life

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Video 6 – Living for Eternity

What decision would you make if you knew you could not die?

Before you try to discern your vocation, you need to be pointing in the right direction: Eternity. The ‘Fear of Missing out’ will always mean that you will make the wrong decision, which is why you need to be convinced that Death is not Fatal.

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This hope is not deceptive

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Where to from here?


We live in a world that worships youthfulness. And this is one of the biggest things stopping you from really responding to God’s will in your life. In this week’s video we really simple question which you need to spend a lot of time thinking about.

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The Promise of the resurrection

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Afraid of Time

Somewhere in the depth of our consciousness is an awareness that we are running out of time. Every second that goes by is another second closer to death. Whether you are conscious of this or not, the reality is that this thought haunts us. We only have a certain number of days left in this life, and so we have a compulsive urge to spend every moment doing what will bring us happiness.

But as Christians, this thought should have no power over us. The fact that we believe in the resurrection means that death is not fatal. Because we believe in eternity, we know that we will never run the risk of missing out. And so, while everyone else is frantically trying to work for their own happiness, we are able to work for the happiness of others.

This is the source of Christian freedom. We have not only been set free from sin, we have also been set free from the fear of time. We do not have to weigh up every decision to see whether the personal benefit will make the cost worthwhile. We are able to love recklessly; we are able to love people who will never pay […]

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We all readily accept the effectiveness of rain in watering the earth. I grew up in the driest inhabited continent, Australia and have seen my fair share of droughts and the wretched state of the countryside when there are prolonged periods without rain. Conversely I have also witnessed the dramatic transformation of that same land when sustained rains finally arrive. There is no more succinct and effective demonstration of the need life has for water. I wonder why we are so reluctant to give the same credence to the Word of God in terms of our faith.


The Reading from Isaiah 55 likens the effectiveness of rain on the land to Word of God coming forth into the lives of His people. Herein lies the challenge for us: to open our hearts to receive God’s Word such that our openness will result in His Word being able to accomplish its mission. In the Creation accounts of Genesis we see the power of the Word of God bringing something out of nothing and order to the chaos. It is this same effect that God wants to have in our lives with His Word today. The problem being that few of us are […]

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Video 4 – Do you Trust Him?

Everyone likes to say that they trust God, but when the reality hits, we would much rather do things our way and keep control over our life. If you are going to hear God’s call for your life, you need to trust that his plan is actually good.

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