HE IS ONE OF US! Jn 1:1-18.

Sometimes we can draw deeper meaning from the Scriptures if we are able to study them in the language in which they were originally written. This does not mean that we have to be able to do this, only that we are more likely to discover deeper and even new meanings from the Scriptures if we study them in their original form. Let us look at an example in today’s Gospel.

In verse 14 John tells us, in the English translation that, “Jesus came to dwell in our midst.” This is a reasonable translation of the Greek verb in the sentence. It does not, however, capture the full meaning of the verb. The Greek verb that is translated as ‘dwell’ literally means, ‘to pitch one’s tent.’ Dwell is an adequate translation but it fails to capture the full meaning carried by the Greek verb. When we hear the word ‘dwell’ we readily think of living in a ready-made house. However, when we think about ‘pitching a tent’ there is a lot more effort involved in this. It is a far more deliberate choice involved here! It is a choice that requires a fair amount of effort on the part of the […]

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Family Life

Sir 3:3-7, 14-17           It is important that we always retain a respect for our parents. This does not mean that they should run our lives in terms of telling us what we should or should not do once we have reached adulthood. Ultimately every one of us has to learn to take responsibility for our lives and to make our own decisions. Respecting our parents simply means remembering all that we owe them and doing our best to care for them if they should need it.

Jesus, you respected the authority of your earthly parents, Mary and Joseph, while you were a child. However, it was your decision to enter into the ministry that was the will of your father in Heaven. Help me to choose the right time and way to assert my independence.

Col 3:12-21     If our relationships are clothed in love then they will not go too far wrong. Paul tells the Colossians that they should do their best to ensure that this is the case with them. It is when love grows tired or thin that disagreements and troubles begin to arise in our relationships. Let us pray for the grace to keep our love strong so that […]

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Anna and Simeon

1Jn 2:3-11       In a particular way our lives here on earth are merely a training for the life to come in heaven. How are we going to survive eternity with God and one another if we are unable to work out our usually petty differences here on earth? This is a good question to reflect upon every once in a while as it can help to put into perspective the things that are going on in our lives. It can help us broaden our horizons from the immediate urgency and invite us to reflect upon the infinity of eternity.

Holy Spirit, so often our disputes with one another get out of proportion to their real magnitude. Help me to keep the right perspective upon life and to be able to allow things to pass if they are not really a matter of life and death.

Lk 2:22-35      The prophecies of Anna and Simeon are a sign that there is something different about Jesus. The words of Simeon in particular seem to indicate that Jesus’ life is going to have a significant effect upon the world. He also tells us very clearly that what Jesus will do will be for both Jew and […]

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Holy Innocents THE DIGNITY OF HUMAN LIFE Mt 2:13-18.

There is so much in this world for which we should be thankful! However, the daily advances in the technological and biological sciences are not necessarily a blessing if there are not used in accordance with the principle of the absolute dignity of human life. Just because  we CAN do something, technologically or biologically speaking, does not necessarily mean that we MAY do it morally speaking. This principle is not knew to humanity’s understanding and nor is its application to real-life situations. We have had the ability to kill one another from time immemorial yet society has always recognised the truth of the commandment – Thou Shall not Kill.

We live in a world where it is possible to terminate the life of the unborn child at will. More and more the ability to do this is being sanctioned in our legal systems. We talk of the Jewish Holocaust of WWII, the massacres in Rwanda and in the countries that were once a part of Yugoslavia – yet we hear little said about the millions who die every year as a result of abortion and infanticide. Why is this?

I think it has something to do with our desire to control our […]

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The title I have chosen for this reflection is a little misleading in that all of the Evangelists are mystics in their own rights. It is just that the Gospel of John seems to be more so in that it often refers to many of the mysteries of our faith. John was obviously a deep thinker. He was not satisfied with simple explanations of realities that failed to express them truly. Even if it meant leaving our understanding of articles of faith open to the mystery of God and His Holy Spirit, this did not deter him in his writings. In many ways this is the beauty of John’s Gospel – the openness to the transcendent that he places in the Gospel can be the launching point for many fruitful meditations and reflections.

There was a time in my life when I feared uncertainty and all that uncertainty meant. Now I have learned to love it and embrace it with faith, trusting that if and when necessary, the Holy Spirit will give me whatever understanding I need at any given time! I think that this type of attitude captures something of the essence of the meaning of the word, ‘faith.’ As […]

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St Stephen THE CROWNED ONE Acts 6:8-10; 7:54-59.

As you have all probably realised by now my name is Steven, an alternative spelling of Stephen. There was a time that I wondered what my name meant so I looked it up in a dictionary of names and their meanings. I found out that it is Greek in origin and means literally, ‘crowned one.’ Great I thought, my name has kingly meaning. It was only later, when I was talking to my dad about the meaning of my name that I discovered that the reference to being crowned in relation to St Stephen, the first martyr, is a reference to being crowned with the crown of martyrdom. This was not so appealing as being crowned with a royal crown as we understand it being a part of the royal family who rules a particular country here on earth!

It was not until many years later, when I began to study the lives of the martyrs and saints that I began to understand that the crown of martyrdom is far greater than any crown that the kings and queens of this earth will wear. To receive the crown of martyrdom is to receive the crown of eternal life! It is to […]

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The Prince of Peace

At a time when our hearts yearn for peace, God sends his Son to bring this grace to our hearts. Fr Ken Barker MGL speaks about the gift of peace in this Christmas homily recorded at St Benedict’s Mission Centre in Canberra.

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The Prince of Peace

At a time when our hearts yearn for peace, God sends his Son to bring this grace to our hearts. Fr Ken Barker MGL speaks about the gift of peace in this Christmas homily recorded at St Benedict’s Mission Centre in Canberra.

The post The Prince of Peace appeared first on Cradio.

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Christmas Day THE LIGHT HAS COME Jn 1:1-5, 9-14.

The coming of the Son of God among us as a man is one of the most important events in human history. God chooses not to remain somewhat aloof and distant from His creation and joins us as one of us! This is really quite a remarkable truth to dwell upon. On of the images that John the Evangelist uses to present this reality to us is the image of the light coming in to the midst of darkness and banishing the darkness forever.

The whole interplay of the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus is played out within this image. There are forces of darkness, that we might also call ‘sin’ that seek destroy Him. Just when it looks as though the powers of darkness have won, when Jesus hangs dead on the cross, we find, a few days later, that He is not dead any more, but has been raised from the dead by the glory of God the Father!

The little child that is born this day, 2000 or so years ago in a town called Bethlehem, has all this awaiting Him and more. As we begin to follow His journey, which is in reality, our journey of […]

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Jesus is THE light of the world. Each of us is called to be little lights that shine and point the way to THE light. This call may not be as easy as it first sounds. There are times when it is easy, but there are also going to be many testing times when it will be difficult for us to fulfil our task of being lights to the world.

For John the Baptist, the call to be a light shining in the darkness to prepare the way for Jesus, will eventually cost him his life! He will have his head cut off by a weak and jealous Herod who is not strong enough to resist the temptation to rid himself of his outspoken opponent.

Perhaps we too will be forced to make a stand one day that will cost us – maybe money, friends or even our own lives! It probably will not come down to the latter however, it will eventually come down to the other two and more besides! There is a cost involved in following Jesus, and the cost can be high. However, the results of giving all for Jesus and the Gospel ALWAYS far outweigh the costs […]

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