My word will not pass away

As we begin the new liturgical year, we are reminded that the presence of Christ in our life is able to free us from anything that binds us. Fr Bony MGL  speaks about the vision of the trials of life and the promise that God is with us in this homily for the first Sunday [...]

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My word will not pass away

As we begin the new liturgical year, we are reminded that the presence of Christ in our life is able to free us from anything that binds us. Fr Bony MGL  speaks about the vision of the trials of life and the promise that God is with us in this homily for the first Sunday [...]

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CRYING OUT TO GOD Rom 10:9-18.

What does it mean to, “call on the name of the Lord?” I think that the idea that Paul has in his mind as he is writing this chapter of his letter to the Romans is to impress upon us the urgency of the call to proclaim the Good News. He has personally experienced the profound difference that placing His life under the Lordship of Jesus can bring to a person. He wants us all to experience the same sort of fire of God’s love and the power to grow in holiness.

For this to happen in our lives we have to learn to: “call upon the name of the Lord!” What does someone do when they are in mortal danger? They cry out for a savior. We must all realize that our lives are in mortal danger due to the sin that is consuming the world and us as well! We do this by hearing the Good News proclaimed by the Church and responding to it from our hearts.

On the Feast of St Andrew, we remember an apostle who gave his life in order to share this knowledge with others. We honor a man who was so consumed by the […]

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Jer 33: 14-16 What is honesty and integrity if it is not the virtuous life? This is what the world needs to see today – men and women placing virtue, placing honesty and integrity before all other things. Yes, there are many things in the world that are attractive, but isn’t the knowledge that we have done the right thing attractive also. I think it becomes even more attractive when we realize that it is the only criterion that will matter on Judgment Day!

Holy Spirit, empower me to live a life of integrity and honesty so that the witness I give to the Gospel will be holy and pure.

1 Thes 3: 12 – 4: 2 All through Paul’s writings we discover exhortations to holiness and faith. It is this sort of life that will promote the Gospel and overcome evil. There is always a cost involved in living the truth and often the cost involved is without sense according to the world’s priorities. This is a key point to remember: the priorities of the world and the Kingdom of God should be the same but often they are not. Why? Sin is the reason why. Sin has infected […]

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VISION OF GOD Dan.7.2-14

The fist reading is one of the four visions of Daniel. God has also bestowed the gift upon Daniel of insight. He gazes upon visions into the night, similar to what we hear in John’s revelations. The language is similarly apocryphal. Daniel completed the book as we now have it shortly after the fall of the Babylonian Empire.
As Daniel gazes upon his visions, he notices four immense beats. They represented the various empires that were to take dominance over the Jewish people, namely, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. As he gazes he sees the sovereign God, the Ancient One takes his place upon the throne. As the books of judgement opened in heaven, he saw one like the son of man. In the new Covenant, this finds its fulfilment in Jesus, the Christ.
The great sea represents the world and all its peoples. Each beast represented in the vision has its own story of victory and defeat. The lion with eagle’s wings depicts the nation of Babylon with its power torn from beneath it. The bear on its side represents the superiority of the Persian with their various conquests over Lydia, Babylon and Egypt. The leopard signifies the speedy conquests of […]

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The first reading is a well-known story for most of us. Daniel is thrown into the den of the lions out of disobedience to the decrees of the king.
The king has great admiration for Daniel for his exceptional qualities of administration. In fact, the King plans to have him rule over the kingdom. Out of jealousy, his fellow administrators seek to make charges against him.  Daniel is the faithful Jew. He prays three times a day, the custom of the Jews. He prays facing Jerusalem in his land of exile. Even now, Jews will pray at the remaining walls of Jerusalem. While at prayer his conspirators rush to the King to demand his life. He has disobeyed the absolute and irrevocable decree of the king – no one is to address plea except to the King. The King is disturbed. He considers Daniel as one of his chief of staff. Because of his decree and its irrevocable status, it must be obeyed. Daniel the disobedient must be punished for his crime against the King.
In a remarkable act of God, Daniel is saved from the lions. God in his goodness kept the lions at distance from Daniel, the whole evening. It […]

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“An Opportunity To Testify” Luke 21:12-19

Jesus in our gospel today is speaking of a time when it would be hard to be his followers.  He knew that after his ascension into heaven, persecution would necessarily follows.  In the face of that persecution, he posed an invitation to his followers and said:  “This would give you an opportunity to testify.”  For the early disciples this is just beyond speaking about Jesus.  It literally means shedding of their blood.  Following Jesus during that time literally meant that you were prepared to stand by what you believe and would rather choose death than compromise.  There were no grey areas then.  The circumstances changed but the invitation is the same for us.  We live in an age where persecution to the point of bloodshed is contained and rare.  But persecution exists.  It exists in subtle form and thus is deadlier than that of the early Christian days.  Today we as Christians are sometimes persecuted when they label us narrow minded and uncompassionate.  What the world is actually telling us is that if we are not tolerant of sexual promiscuity, of greed and of other ways of the world, we are killjoys, prejudiced and thus an irrelevant bunch of people […]

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Avoiding the need to trust

CS Lewis once said that “we regard God as an airman regards his parachute; it is there for emergencies, but he hopes that he’ll never have to use it”.

The big challenge that CS Lewis puts forward is about our definition of ‘belief’. Most people believe in the theory or the theology of God. But at the same time, they work very hard to make sure that they never actually have to trust God. Jesus says that God will provide for everything that we need, and yet we make sure that we always have everything that we need so that we never have to worry about trusting him.

Jesus spends a lot of time in the Gospels telling us to relate to God as a Father and to see ourselves as children, trusting him at every moment to provide us with what we need. God wants us to be dependent on him, not only in our physical needs, but also our spiritual and emotional needs.

At some point we need to take the risk and begin to trust that he will be faithful to his promises. As Ernest Hemingway once said, “the best way to find out if you can trust somebody is […]

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“A Temple Unadorned” Luke 21:5-11

Our gospel reading for today is part of Luke’s eschatological discourses.  Eschatology means anything that is related to heaven and the last days.  It starts with the Jews’ admiration of the Temple and how beautiful it was adorned and Jesus starting to prophecy over the destruction of the Temple and the situation around his Second Coming.  He said that there would come a time when the beautiful stones of the Temple would be razed to the ground and nothing would be left.  This prophecy came true around 70 A.D. and started another Jewish Diaspora. To the Jews, hearing Jesus’ message of the destruction of the Temple was a hard word and is not easily acceptable.  The Temple for them is the living sign of God’s indwelling presence among his people.  To speak of the destruction of the Temple is to speak of God abandoning his people and to this Chosen Race it is unbelievable.  But I believe that the destruction of the Temple was necessary because the Temple has served its purpose.  At the coming of Jesus, our relationship with the Holy One is no longer restrained within the Temple liturgy—He has come as Emmanuel, the God in our midst […]

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Christ the King

Over the weekend, the MGLs celebrated the ordination of two priests and five Deacons. One of our new priests, Fr Lenin Thenamirtham preached during his first mass on the feast of Christ the King. RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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