Ignatius Loyola STRENGTH AND COURAGE Mt 14:1-12

Herod is a weakling and a coward; he has very little character worth mentioning. Ignatius of Loyola, whose feast we celebrate today, on the other hand, is completely the opposite! Herod does not even have the strength to defend the life of a man whom he knows is innocent! Ignatius will stand for the truth in the face of persecution and suffering because he knows the truth is worth any price that he, personally might have to pay.

People would probably look at Herod and say he was a strong man after all he was the ruler of Galilee and its environs. He also holds the lives of many people in his hands as John the Baptist was about to find out! But the opposite is true. All the armies in the world are incapable of storming the gates of heaven to force entry; a righteous man will enter without even having to raise his voice, let alone an army! It all depends on how we measure strength, upon what we focus when we talk about strength of character, if we want to know who are the strongest men and women to walk the earth.

In my books Mother Theresa, barely five […]

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We live in a world of rapid change. Sometimes change is for the good and sometimes it is not; sometimes we should embrace change and other times we should stick with what we know. The real dilemma is discerning when to accept change and when to reject it! We need to look to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to help us here as well as the tried and tested wisdom of the Church. Yes, the Church has made mistakes and rejected change when it should have embraced it, but it has not done that bad a job over the years as it is still around after 2000 years! There are no monarchies or dynasties that are longer lived than that of the Church today.

Jesus tells us that the wise person knows when to embrace change and when to retain a particular aspect of our lifestyle. Generally speaking human beings resist change as we prefer the things we know rather than those with which we are unfamiliar. It is up to those desiring change to demonstrate that the changes they want are justified and will not damage society; it is up to the elder statesmen and women entrusted with preserving […]

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Losing our language

It is often said that language is culture. If you destroy a language, you also destroy the culture and the sense of identity that comes with it. Unfortunately there have been many countries that have consciously tried to destroy languages in their desire to colonise countries and have control over them.

As Christians, it is important to realise that the same dynamic affects us. The natural language of humanity is worship. We were created for worship, and it was through worship that Adam and Eve knew their true identity. When our first parents turned away from God, they not only sinned, but they began to lose their original language. As a result, humanity has forgotten its identity.

This is why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit: to give us once again the spirit of worship.  Our mother-tongue has become so foreign to us that we need to be taught how to praise. In this sense, the church is not just holding prayer meetings, it is actually holding language classes where it seeks to restore to people their language, their culture and their true identity. The reason why worship can often be such hard work is because it is clashing against the false identity […]

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Jesus arrives only to find that Lazarus has already died. Martha then makes an interesting comment when she speaks to Jesus saying that she does not believe he would have died if Jesus had come earlier. She does not seem to be accusing Jesus of anything, just recognizing that his presence would have made a difference for Lazarus.We see here a latent faith in the resurrection something that Jesus now draws out and makes explicit. He then calls out to Lazarus and raises him from the dead!

Jesus is not just all about words and pious platitudes – he has the power to transform a situation in ways that no man before him has ever demonstrated. It is a miracle such as this one that gives credence to the claim that Jesus was raised from the dead by the Father. If Jesus can raise Lazarus from the dead, and there is no doubt in the minds of the people there that he is dead and has been dead for a number of days already, then it is a simple step to believing that God the Father has the power to do the same for his Son, Jesus.

It is important that we […]

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We have all experienced being caught in the dilemma of having to choose a particular course of action that will bring about results that are both desired and undesired. It is part of living in an imperfect world where sin exists and still wreaks havoc in the lives of men and women. Yes, there are times when we are happy with all of the consequences of a particular act – let us pray that these types of situations increase and the former types decrease!

The moral life is rarely completely black or completely white; there are many shades of grey that are contributed to by a variety of circumstances and the general life-situations of the individuals involved. However, we are not living in a world where there are no moral absolutes! God has given us a clear moral direction in our humanity and it is this truth of our human person hood, created in the image and likeness of God, that guides us along the path of righteousness.

The truth of the human person can be known by everyone and is not so obscure as to be that difficult to discover and understand that we are excused if we act incorrectly. No! […]

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The Abundance of God’s blessing

God pours out an abundant blessing upon those who trust in Him. Fr Bony Abrahan MGL speaks about the multiplication of the loaves in this homily for the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

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The Abundance of God’s blessing

God pours out an abundant blessing upon those who trust in him. Fr Bony Abrahan MGL speaks about the multiplication of the loaves in this homily for the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

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Baking a loaf of bread is a fascinating experience. There are so many aspects of the process where something can go wrong most having to do with the way that the yeast or leaven in the loaf is treated. If the leaven is not distributed throughout the loaf properly it will fail to rise fully. If the liquid used is too cold, the yeast will not rise properly. If the ambient temperature is too hot or too cold there will be a similar problem. What does this image tell us about the Christian life as indicated by today’s Gospel?

Perhaps the most important image here is that the leaven or yeast must be evenly distributed throughout the dough or the bread will not rise. Jesus is telling us that we cannot be part-time or half this and half that sort of Christians. If we truly want to be His disciples and members of the kingdom of God, then it is an all or nothing decision that we have to make. We cannot surrender part of our life to the Gospel truths and keep the rest back for our own use. God is either Lord of all or He is not Lord […]

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The fact that there is clearly more food after everyone has eaten than when before they started to eat is a clear sign that Jesus has worked a miracle. There is no way whatsoever to explain such an outcome. Some scholars sometimes suggest that the miracle was not so much a multiplication of the food but that Jesus was able to convince everyone there to share what food they have. This is clearly a spurious suggestion as the Gospel Writer makes it clear that there is not enough food to start with and nor is there enough money to buy the requisite food.

We are definitely with a miracle of multiplication. Why anyone feels that they have to doubt this I am not sure! It almost sees as though such people are afraid of the power of God to work outside the normal powers of nature. Yes, this is an amazing event, but our God is a God of surprises as He has so often demonstrated throughout history making the seeming impossible to happen and the highly probable to stop dead in its tracks. All this means is that we should stand in awe of God and humbly admit that not […]

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Quite often we read about someone who becomes blind or is paralyzed in one form or another and he or she says something very similar to each other to the effect, “I never realized the gift my sight, hearing mobility etc was until it was taken away!” I wonder if we have ever really stopped to consider the tremendous gift that our faith is to us? Do we realize how great a gift the offer of salvation is because if we wait until it has been taken away it will be too late to do anything about it! It is seemingly part of the nature of the gift of God’s love; the gift of salvation, that life can go on around it without our really acknowledging its existence. This is a very dangerous place to find one’s self in as it is the first step towards presumption and ultimately contempt towards the gifts of God. I am sure that none of us wants to travel down that road!

St Paul calls to the mind of the Corinthian Community the wonderful treasure that each of them holds in their hearts – the gift of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. […]

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