The problem with today’s Gospel of Jesus calming the storm is that there do not seem to be many storms in my life – they are more like typhoons or hurricanes! I wonder if Jesus is strong enough to tame them? Rest assured that it does not matter how big the storm or hurricane may be in your life, Jesus can calm it and is already giving you the means by which to get everything under control once again. On the other side of the coin, however, is that I think that it is probably good for us to have a few things happening in our lives that are not fully under our control. This will force us to be more reliant upon the grace of God and that has to be a healthy thing!

The storms in our lives are probably quite frequent. I hope that they seldom turn into hurricanes and cause major damage to your life. The reality is that we will constantly find ourselves having to come back to God and rely on His help to overcome the difficulties in our lives. We should see this as a good thing, as I mentioned earlier, as it will […]

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A love stronger than death

No one can walk with you through death except for the one who has conquered death. Fr Bony Abraham MGL speaks about the hope that Christ brings in this homily for the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

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A love stronger than death

No one can walk with you through death except for the one who has conquered death. Fr Bony Abraham MGL speaks about the hope that Christ bring in this homily for the 13th Sunday in ordinary time.

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The institutional and charismatic dimensions of the Church do not have to be seen as in always in conflict with one another. They are in fact complementary. Just as the Early Church needed both the figures of Peter and Paul to give it its initial impetus, so charism and institution serve the Church to keep it faithful to its God-given mission.

Peter is entrusted with the ‘Keys of the Kingdom.’ In him and his successor popes who have the charism to be the visible face of Jesus to the world, and to exercise full authority within the life of the Church serve the Church. (I am not going to go into here the nuances of exactly what that authority is and how it is supposed to be exercised.) The Scriptures relate to us how Paul looks to Peter for the authority to take the Gospel to the Gentiles. He does not presume to know this on account of his on sense of revelation alone. He willingly submits his mission under the authority of Peter. At the same time we are all aware that Paul was not afraid to challenge what he believed to be incorrect practices within the life of the […]

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We often find the exhortation to put aside any fear on the lips of Jesus towards His followers. It is also often coupled with the call to have faith! What does the uniting of these two exhortations mean for us today? How should we understand these words of Jesus in our own lives?

So often children experience fear when they are in a position that they have not encountered before. They are afraid of the unknown. This is also a common experience as people approach death – there is fear in their hearts because they do not really know what to expect. For some the encounter with the unknown is a source of excitement – for others a source of dread. I wonder if it is faith that makes the difference between a life of anticipation and expectation and a life of fear and dread?

I think that there is a definite link between faith and peace of mind and heart and insofar as it is peace that drives out all fear then we can safely conclude that a person of faith is far more likely to approach different experiences in life without fear. This is how I want to live my […]

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The above words of the centurion, ‘Lord, I am not worthy’ are words that have echoed through history in the lives of all those who have come to know Christ. There are no truer words than these and if we truly want to take up a life of discipleship, we will have to humble ourselves thousands of times over and repeat them until the truth of them is firmly set in our hearts without any doubts! Yesterday I reflected upon building our spiritual lives upon a firm foundation. Today we are given the very basis of the foundation itself – namely, it is God’s work, not ours; we are not worthy but God, in his infinite love, has chosen to work through each us even though we are weak and fragile vessels for his message of love.

In realizing the truth of our unworthiness we can either fall into despair or praise and thanksgiving for the mercy of God. Obviously, the latter is the correct response though it can be difficult to maintain it through the difficulties and trials of life. Despair is something we should always try to avoid, as it is a pit that is very difficult from which […]

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OF COURSE I DO! Mt 8:1-4

The leper approaches Jesus with only one doubt in his mind. It is not a doubt concerning Jesus’ ability or power to heal but a doubt whether or not Jesus will choose to heal him. This doubt is quickly washed away by Jesus’ accession to the leper’s request for healing. What are the doubts we have concerning our faith in Jesus? Does the fact that Jesus heals the leper and erases his, the leper’s doubt, do anything to remove these doubts from our minds?

I think it is very important for us to remember that God desires that we all be saved. Using this as a foundation premise we ought to be able to address many of the doubts that may come up in our spiritual lives concerning what God will and will not desire to do for us. This does not mean that God will make life easy for us and remove all temptation and suffering. This would remove any sense of our being able to make choices contrary to his will and thus make a mockery of freedom in our lives.

Human freedom, in one sense, can be seen as the precondition for human suffering in that suffering is a […]

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CHILDREN OF THE PROMISE Gen. 16:6-12, 15-16.

Abraham has two sons. One is by the slave girl of his wife, the human solution to the lack of a legitimate heir. The other is the miracle child Isaac, born to Sarah, Abraham’s wife in the latter days of their lives. Isaac is a child of the promise that God had given to Abraham many years earlier. It is Isaac whom God will bless with the promises He has already made to Abraham. Ishmael, the other son, will also multiply, but the blessing of the promises of God will not be with him. Ishmael represents the unruly and wild element at loose in human history.

Abraham’s faith is imperfect. The human solution of sleeping with a servant girl to gain an heir demonstrates this. However, God does not abandon him, He proves His promise true by bringing Isaac to birth from the barren womb of Sarah. (Gen. 17) Just as God has created the world out of nothing some 16 chapters earlier, here again he brings life out of a womb that was dead! Once again, something has been brought out of nothing. It seems that nothing is impossible for God!

There are a number of things we can learn from […]

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John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way for Jesus. We have probably heard that said dozens of times on his feast days in Church. What does it mean for us today? John the Baptist died 2000 years ago. What is his relevance for us today?

Just as John prepared the way for the coming of Jesus the first time, so we are to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus the second time! The first time Jesus came in the humility of the Incarnation to be our Savior. The second time He will come in all His glory and majesty to judge both the living and the dead. I think preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus will have to be a little more extensive than the first. What are we doing to contribute to this end?

John the Baptist’s preparation involved challenging people to repent of their sins. The fullness of victory over sin, however, only comes with the death and resurrection of Jesus! We, therefore, are empowered to live in a much greater form of victory over sin than those who listened to John’s preaching. Our lives can and ought to be qualitatively different to those who […]

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PROXIMITY TO SIN Gen. 13:2,5-18.

Temptation does not turn into sin until we give in to it. While it remains as something that we have not entertained in our minds, it has not yet drawn us into the world of sin. Lot and Abram look out of the land and Lot chooses the best looking or most fertile land to take for himself. The text tells us quite clearly that he chooses to dwell very close to the people of Sodom who are very great sinners. Abram chooses the less populated and thus ‘safer’ land in which to dwell. Ultimately Lot loses most of what he has, including his wife who turns into a pillar of salt, when the Lord sends destruction upon the city of Sodom and its inhabitants.

Sin can be very appealing just as the fertile land of the Jordan River was more appealing to Lot than the other lands on offer. However, we often need to examine any particular option more closely as there could be hidden or semi-hidden consequences of that particular choice. Temptation is very appealing at times but the consequences can always be summed up in either of two words, sin or death!

As each of us seeks to grow […]

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