Visitation: BEING CHRIST TO OTHERS Lk 1:39-56

As we reflect upon the visitation of Elizabeth by Mary it is good for us to ask ourselves whether or not we practice the discipline of visiting those around us who are in need. Even though they can be living a city of millions of people, there are often people who are terribly lonely. There are also those who have been confined in a hospital for reasons of sickness and those who are in jail for breaking the law. There is never going to be a shortage of people who need to be visited by kindhearted people who will set the time aside to carry out this Christian duty.

It is not just a matter of caring for our friends and relatives in these situations. Jesus is quite clear that we have a responsibility to make ourselves available to ‘any of the least of His brethren’ (Mt 25) and visit them in their time of need. I am sure that none of us would enjoy the enforced solitude of a lack of visitors in a time of confinement. Jesus affirms that we visit Him when we visit our neighbor in need. Not only do we visit Jesus in the other person, […]

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There are all sorts of authorities in today’s world that claim to be sources of wisdom. Are they truly such, or are they merely pretenders placing the crown of wisdom on their own heads without any real objective reference point? Generally speaking I think the latter is more likely to be the case! We live in a world where there is very little attention given to objective moral truth or argumentation unless it is to reject it as “old fashioned and past its use-by date!”  This is very unfortunate, especially when it comes to the moral life for unless there are absolute moral values that we can all rely upon, then there is no such thing as a morality that is binding upon all.

People today tend to want to be their own source of authority on virtually everything that affects them. Unfortunately this is not conducive to either seeking wisdom or the recognition of it once it is discovered. In fact, it is merely a recipe for emotive arguments that are based in a person’s feelings that more often than not lends itself to erroneous judgments regarding truth.

It is obvious from what I have just written that I am a […]

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There are really only two ways that a person can leave his or her mark on the world – for good or for bad. In both of these cases a person will be remembered for what he or she has done; the question is, “Do you want to be remembered for your goodness or your notoriety?” Most people, deep down in the recesses of their being where they are often afraid to venture, desire to leave a mark on the world so that they will not be forgotten by the succeeding generations. Today’s first reading implies that this will be the case for most of us. However, there are some who succeed in doing something that will cause them to be remembered to future generations.

Each of us has a drive to be remembered; let us seek to harness the energy in that drive for good and not bad! Hitler and so many will be remembered for generations because the evil they committed; let us seek to do good and be remembered for that. By the way, ultimately it is unimportant if the world does not acknowledge the good we do in our lives because it is what God sees and […]

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The author of this book of the bible, part of the wisdom literature of the Old Testament, begins today’s section with something like a hymn in praise of the Creator. We are told that all creation obeys the will of God. What on earth, or anywhere in the universe for that matter, does this really mean? I think there is a simple answer to that question that involves our understanding that as the Creator, God has placed an inner logic or law within it that governs the way the world and universe work. This needs to be understood in both a simple and more complex way.

Simply speaking, God has created the world and within his creation there is a Natural Law that governs the behavior of the creation. In other words, the scientific world can seek to discover the various laws of the universe through its disciplines and thus help us to understand better the way things work, and hopefully, suggest ways and means for humanity to improve the world’s living situation.

The more complex or subtle understanding is expressed by St Augustine at the start of his autobiography, Confessions (1:1). Here he tells us that God has created us for […]

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We see in the desire of James and John something unbecoming a true disciple. A disciple’s reward is doing what his Master tells him to do, not seeking to gain favors from him! It is no wonder that the other disciples become incensed when they find out about the request of James and John! However, Jesus, in his infinite wisdom is able to defuse the situation by refusing to entertain the brothers’ request and secondly by using the incident and response of the others as the basis for a teaching.

Jesus assures them all that anyone who desires to be first must willingly place oneself last! What does this mean? The desire for honors is the desire for leadership and attention. Jesus tells the disciples that leadership comes with a cost, one that is probably initially surprising to the group. Leadership is all about service when it comes to the Kingdom of God. The disciples will come to understand this much better after the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus’ response to James and John is to question their willingness to serve and thus lay down their lives. If I was one of the brothers I think I would be feeling fairly […]

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An explosion of Self-Love

The Holy Spirit changes us by changing the way that we see ourselves. Fr Bony Abraham MGL says that it is in this rediscovery of our true identity that we become fully alive, in this homily for the feast of Pentecost.  

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An explosion of Self-Love

The Holy Spirit changes us by changing the way that we see ourselves. Fr Bony Abraham MGL says that it is in this rediscovery of our true identity that we become fully alive, in this homily for the feast of Pentecost.  

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Pentecost THE FULLNESS OF THE SPIRIT Jn 16:12-15

I do not think there are many of us, if any at all, who would not accept the fullness of the Spirit if it were offered to us. Do you agree with this? Well, the truth is that we have all been given, not just offered the fullness of the Spirit at our Baptism. When we are baptized we potentially enter into the fullness of the Spirit. The way we access the fullness of the Spirit is through faith. Each of us must make a choice concerning the way we live our lives – whether for Jesus or against him. If it is the former then the Spirit is there for us to draw upon as we seek to live the life of a disciple.

It is good for us to reflect upon the experience of the apostles as it is here that we can see the stark contrast between life with and life without the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit the apostles are a bunch of scared men who are not even willing to venture outside the room they are in – in fact they are so scared of the Jews that they have even locked the doors! Once […]

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We can thank Peter that he seems to be willing to ask all of the questions that arise in our hearts; he seems to know what we are thinking a lot of the time. I think this is why most people seem to develop at least a little affinity towards him. Anyway, here he asks Jesus about what will happen to the disciple Jesus seems to love the most. Jesus basically tells Peter that as far as he, Peter, is concerned, what happens to John does not really matter. The same is true for us all. The most critical matter for us all is whether or not we are going to be obedient to Jesus’ call! There is nothing any of us can do about assuring that someone else will respond obediently to Jesus. Yes, we can encourage and support them, but we cannot make their decision for them, thus there is only so much we can do for them. It follows logically that our main focus ought to be upon what we ourselves must do and not to worry so much about what God’s plans for the next person are.

The Holy Spirit has been given to us to remind […]

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Discipleship, if we take it seriously, is a life-long work and not easy. Jesus tells Peter that before he became a disciple he was his own master and was free to do what he wanted whenever he wanted to do it. As a disciple, Peter has given over his life to the leading of the Holy Spirit, his new Master. This is what the process of discipleship is all about – placing one’s life under the direction of another who has been commissioned to mentor us in the ways of Christ and the Gospel.

We can go through life without ever becoming a disciple of Jesus; we can go to Mass every week and never become a disciple of Jesus; I also believe that we can pray every day without becoming a disciple of Jesus! How can this be? Becoming a disciple of Jesus requires a whole deeper level of commitment to a mentoring process than just attending various events on a regular basis. There is an attitude of heart that we must develop if we are going to enter into a successful mentoring program. We must have hearts that are obedient to God’s word; open to his Spirit wherever he […]

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