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Following our brokenness

No one would wander into a forest knowing that they are following a broken compass. If we knew that your life depended on the direction of the tool in your hands, you would want some assurance that it is pointing you in the right direction. To willingly follow a compass that was broken would be absolute madness.

Yet we do this every day with our decision making. Every day we make decisions based either on ‘sound reason’ or ‘gut feeling’. Yet we rarely take the time to reflect on whether our reason or gut is actually pointing in the right direction. The disturbing reality is that, if you are human, it probably isn’t.

Every human being has experienced pain. We are all broken whether we are conscious of it or not. If I am broken, then this means that my internal compass is also broken. My ‘sound reason’ is being heavily influences by things from my past that I might not even be consciously aware of.

This is where we need to reset our bearings every day with the scriptures and the wisdom of those holy Christians who have gone before us. We need to trust the guidance of well trained spiritual directors […]

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I think it is usually the goal of any apprentice to become as good as his mentor or master, and in the world this is possible. However, it is not possible when it comes to our spiritual lives. The Vatican Document, Gaudium et Spes reminds us that in the person of Jesus humanity can see all that it is meant to be – Jesus Christ reveals man to himself. This truth is the foundational truth of discipleship – the truth that tells us that we will never surpass our Lord and Master. However, God is so generous that he calls us to be one with Jesus and in a somewhat oblique sense this gives us equality with Jesus in that true faith in him makes us sons and daughters of the Father, receiving the heritage owed only to Jesus.

Scientists and academics do well to remember that we will not be able to surpass the wisdom and knowledge of God. We will never be able to create life per se, manipulate it, yes, but create it from nothing, a resounding, No! If we want to study the things that are going to most benefit life and love let us look at […]

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Discovering the light that will guide us in our lives is a great challenge as if we choose the wrong light we will obviously be led down the wrong path! Jesus makes a claim that no other person makes in claiming to be the light of the world. He can truly say this as it is through him all things have been created! He is the Word of God through which the Father brought order out of chaos (Genesis 1) and through whose word the Church speaks and lives her life. What does this mean for you and me?

There are a number of consequences of all this for us, the first being that we ought to listen to the Word of Jesus for our lives as it is the way of eternal life for us. Secondly, and closely related to the first, is that when we are making difficult moral decisions we need to seek the enlightenment of Church Teaching. Jesus has not given authority the authority to teach and interpret the Scriptures to the Bishops for nothing! The Magisterium of the Church is the authoritative guide for us on matters of faith and morals. We can act under our […]

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We live in a world of instant this and instant that. In fact, we tend to think that something that cannot be delivered immediately is either not worth the effort or broken in one way or another! How wrong we are if we give in to this sort of analysis, particularly when it comes to relationships. Unfortunately, many youth of today have absorbed this sort of philosophy and even apply it to their relationships due to the poor example so often provided by the modern heroes of the world, the film, music and sports stars of today. As Christians we need to work against this ‘instant solution’ sort of society by laying strong and lasting foundations for our faith communities so that they will weather the storms of emotion and difficulties that come our way.

Paul spent a year building the community of faith in Antioch and the same is true for many of the communities he founded. There are too many supposedly Christian Churches sprouting up here and there with very little foundation to them other than the founder cannot seem to get along with one of the leaders in his previous Church. I find it very difficult to see […]

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The Good Shepherd Who Knows Me

We have a God who cares for us like a good shepherd: he knows my pain, my guilt, my desire and he leads me to good pasture. Fr Bony Abraham MGL speaks passionately about the shepherd in this homily for the 4th Sunday of Easter.

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The Good Shepherd Who Knows Me

We have a God who cares for us like a good shepherd: he knows my pain, my guilt, my desire and he leads me to good pasture. Fr Bony Abraham MGL speaks passionately about the shepherd in this homily for the 4th Sunday of Easter.

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We can expect that during our lifetime we will encounter more doors than we care to remember. Those we choose to open and pass through will determine the path of life we walk and in more ways than we might realise, the type of person we become. It is the moral choices we make that determine our character and mark us as a man or woman who is a disciple of Jesus or just simply a person given over to the quests and pleasures of the world.

Jesus tells us that the true shepherd always enters through the gate, that is, he does not have to break down the walls of the sheepfold because he has a right to be there, indeed a responsibility to be there – to lead and guide his sheep in the ways of life and truth. When we listen to voices guiding us in our lives let us be sure they have legitimate authority in our lives and are not just impostors, or even worse, sent by the devil to lead us astray.

Jesus also reminds us that he is the gate of the sheepfold, thus all true shepherds and guides must approach us through him, through […]

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The fourth Sunday of Easter is always Good Shepherd Sunday. We are invited to reflect upon the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd and we as his sheep. This is a very important image from the point of view of God as the sheep are totally dependent upon the shepherd for their care. It is the shepherd who leads them to good pastures, to water and protects them from both wild animals and thieves. The same is true in our spiritual lives – we will never find true contentment and satisfaction apart from allowing Jesus to guide us into the arms of our loving Father in Heaven.

The opening line of the Gospel today captures a very important aspect of the shepherd-sheep relationship. It speaks of the sheep listening to the voice of their shepherd. In reality, the sheep of one shepherd are able to distinguish the voice of their shepherd from all the other ‘foreign’ voices that may be giving instructions at any one time. It is that voice they follow; it is that voice that they trust.

We, too, must become adept at distinguishing between the voice of God and the many other voices in the world that would […]

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The question with which Peter responds to Jesus’ own question regarding what is the decision of the apostles, to stay or leave, is one that we would do well to ponder every time we think about abandoning our faith for anything else. It is the most sobering of all questions as the answer is frighteningly stark – if Jesus is not the answer, then God help us, if there is a God! To abandon faith in Christ is really to abandon the understanding that there is a God because if Jesus, the one sent by the Father to redeem humanity is not worthy of being followed and obeyed, it is impossible to conceive of a better option!

Yes, people reject belief in God all the time these days but I tend to think that a lot of them are rejecting a particularly;y concept of God they have constructed that is not worthy of belief in the first place! To have full knowledge of God and who he is and what he offers us and then reject him, is virtually inconceivable to me! There are people who seem to walk this path as well, but they are very few and their salvation […]

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If you want to see what the Gospel can do to a person’s life think of the story of St Paul. Has there ever been a greater turn around than his? I do not know and I do not care! All I know is that in the witness of the life of St Paul there is enough to inspire all of us to greater deeds of faith for the sake of the Kingdom of God. The turnaround that we see in the life of this man is nothing short of a miracle. About the only thing Paul had going for him from a Christian point of view was an incredible desire and zeal to do the will of God. It is just that initially this zeal was very misdirected.

For those of us who have not had the same sort of drama associated with our conversion, this does not mean our conversion to Jesus is any less authentic or worthy of praise. God works with each of us as individuals precisely in the way that will be best for us. What is key, critical to the ongoing process of conversion, is that we never lose the desire to be obedient to […]

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