The covenants that God has made with His people down through the ages have all been rooted in and built upon love. The one thing that has never changed in them all is God’s commitment to us in love! It is we the people who have constantly violated the covenants by failing to love God or one another. God has repeatedly given us another chance culminating with the latest and last of all the covenants in the blood of His Son, Jesus.

Every time we celebrate the Eucharist we recall this covenant in the blood of Jesus as the bread and wine are transformed into the Body and Blood of Jesus. When we eat and drink of Jesus’ Body and Blood in Holy Communion we reaffirm our commitment to this covenant of love. Receiving Communion is not just a part of the ritual of the Eucharist; it is the part whereby we are invited to ratify the covenant with our own commitment to its ongoing place in our lives. This means that we are reaffirming our commitment to live lives of love and sacrifice in imitation of Jesus whose life we share in the Sacrament of the Eucharist!

The Eucharist is a […]

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The maintaining of good relationships with those around us in our communities can be a very taxing experience. Peace and cooperation within our interpersonal relationships is very important, as without this our community life will be virtually unbearable. I am sure that each of us will have had the experience at one time or another in our lives of being in conflict with someone close to us. Such a conflict becomes very wearing upon one’s nerves and must ultimately be resolved if the relationship is to go ahead in a healthy manner.

The danger of such conflicts is that we can be left in a situation where resentment, jealousy or some other sin governs the day rather than the peace and cooperation. It is easy to see how such a relationship, particularly if leaders in our community are involved, is going to destroy the fabric of the community. We must be committed to do doing everything necessary to preserve the bond of true brotherhood and sisterhood upon which all healthy communities are built. Jesus exhorts his disciples to ensure that no rancour or division is allowed to fester and grow in their midst.

Christian charity not only demands that we seek to […]

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Queen Esther is a Jew married to the Persian king. There are many of her Jewish brethren in Persia as a result of exile and there are forces mounting against them in the person of Mordecai, a palace official who is seeking to destroy the Jews. Esther decides that she must, intercede for her people even though it may cause her to lose her life if the king does not welcome her intervention. We have in our First Reading Esther’s prayer before embarking on her perilous mission. In the Gospel we find Jesus exhorting his disciples to perseverance in prayer.

These two readings capture for us something of the essence of prayer in that they call us to entrust our lives into the hands of God and to persevere in doing this no matter what the situation may be. As a priest I often have people coming to me asking for help in their prayer-life. The biggest problem with most peoples’ prayer lives is a lack of perseverance and consistency. We tend to want instant answers to all of our requests and God does not seem to be as forthcoming as we may like Him to be.

There are no simple solutions […]

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The Call: Stop grinding and start growing

There are two different ways of viewing holiness. Most Christians seem to view holiness as a level of perfection that none of us can ever reach. Trying to reach this level of virtue can feel like trying to jump to the top of a huge building in one single leap. As a result, we either grind away at our faith journey, trying desperately to be perfect (and feeling bad about ourselves the whole time); or we end up just pretending, choosing the easy option of looking virtuous and hiding our faults.

The second view of holiness is much closer to the truth. Our spiritual development is just like our physical development. A child learns to walk by falling over (repeatedly). Once the child can walk, it learns to run by tripping over (repeatedly). The process is one of gradual development, and learning through failure.The child eventually becomes an adult because they learn from their mistakes.

The spiritual life is meant to be the same thing. The simple fact is that despite our best efforts we will fail and we will fall into sin. If we beat ourselves up each time we fail to reach perfection, then we will never advance. If we […]

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The power to overcome

No matter how powerful the forces of evil are in the world, Jesus has given us a greater power to conquer the world. Fr John Rey SM presents this homily for the first Sunday of Lent during a special healing mass at St Benedict’s Mission Centre.  

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The power to overcome

No matter how powerful the forces of evil are in the world, Jesus has given us a greater power to conquer the world. Fr John Rey SM presents this homily for the first Sunday of Lent during a special healing mass at St Benedict’s Mission Centre.  

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It ought to be impossible for any Christian to live in peace while there are people who are unjustly treated anywhere in the world. This may sound a little unreasonable but let us reflect upon it for a moment. It is certainly true that God will never rest at peace while there is still injustice in the world and it is from this basis that the same can be said for all who are seeking to develop the heart of God for His people. At the same time it is important to note that I am not saying that everyone is necessarily responsible for the injustice that may exist. We may or may not be practically able to contribute to its elimination. However, at the very least we can be praying that someone will be actively working against whatever the injustice may be.

Let us look a little more closely at our individual situations in terms of looking at the society in which we live. I am not about to give an analysis of any individual society here but there are a few broad strokes that we can look at such as: Is there an equitable distribution of the wealth of […]

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Look up: Be Transformed

We all know the story of how sin came into the world. Eve was tempted by the serpent, she ate the fruit and the rest is history. However, there is one line in the story that explains the nature of sin and points us towards the antidote.

The bible says that when Eve looked at the fruit, she noticed that it was ‘good for food, a delight to the eyes and was to be desired’. This is significant because for the first time she no longer sees creation as a gift that points her to the creator. She now sees her own emptiness and hunger which must be filled. When she looks at the fruit, all that she sees is herself and her own need.

For evermore, this has been the pattern of sin (particularly the case with lust, gluttony, envy and greed). We look at things or other people and only see our own hunger and need.

Jesus gives the antidote when he explains that the most important commandment is to ‘love the lord your God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul’. The answer to sin is to stop looking at ourselves and return to worship. The Holy Spirit gives […]

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It is never easy to fully discern all of the motives that we might have in doing a particular thing. Nevertheless, we ought to try to the best of our ability to do so. For example, when we look at the penitential practices in our lives we need to ask ourselves why we are doing them. What is our intention in fasting? Penitential practices are meant to help sharpen our ability to hear God’s word for our lives – to help us discern His will and to overcome the obstacles that may exist to its completion.

Fasting has a tradition that dates back to before the time of Christ. When we examine its history we see that there are many good reasons to deny ourselves food for a particular period of time. It helps us to understand and to be in solidarity with those who do not have all that we have. Fasting is not necessarily just confined to food! We can fast from television, a particular hobby that we may enjoy a lot or many other things. What is important is that have the element of sacrifice attached to it so that we can be drawn into a deeper understanding […]

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There is something in the makeup of the human person that seems to seek out comfort and consolation. If there are two ways of achieving exactly the same end and one is easier or more comfortable than the other then there is little doubt as to the choice most people will make. When it comes to the Gospel, however, we can know that very few of the choices that we will face will be easy or comfortable. The nature of the Christian life of discipleship is that there will be many opportunities to deny the flesh and take up the call of holiness.

Jesus leaves His disciples without doubts in this regard. He clearly presents to them a life of discipleship as being a life of the cross. This image of taking up the cross every day and following Jesus is one that must have taken on new and vital meaning for the disciples after the death of Jesus on the cross! What a powerful inspiration remembering these words of Jesus would have been to them after the resurrection and in the midst of their own struggles and trials in the mission.

The call to discipleship today only takes on its proper […]

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