The whole of Romans 6 is worth reading. Do not just stop at vv. 3,4,8 & 9! Here Paul speaks about the reality of Baptism and what it should mean to the Christian. Christians should only fear death if they have unrepented sin in their hearts and then they should be running to embrace the death of Jesus on the cross that is the forgiveness of our sins! The price of sin in the Old Testament was the life-blood of an animal. The larger the sin, the more costly the sacrifice that had to be offered at the altar in the Temple.

Jesus’ death on the cross atones for all of our sins in one act that is forever efficacious and sufficient. What a tremendous price, the life of the Son of God that was paid to reconcile us with the Father! We are no longer talking about mere animals from the fields, but God sending His own Son to redeem us in person! This is an utterly singular event in all of the human history of religion. I am aware of no other example of God sending His Son to redeem a created people who had gone astray. Our God […]

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Today we celebrate the Feast of All Saints. It seems to me that the Catholic world has lost something of the sense of the importance of these men and women as models of holiness for us to follow. One of the most critical aspects of holiness is obedience, in this case obedience to the will of God.

Now obedience has taken on the burden of being something like a ‘bad word’ of late as the overwhelming pressures of secular society seeks to encourage everyone to assert their individuality and do what they want. However, when one looks a little more closely at the agenda of the world we discover that the world is not the least bit interested in us doing what we want to do and every bit interested in getting us to do what it the world wants us to do, which can be generally summarised by, be good consumers of everything we want to sell you and do not ‘rock the boat’ by being too different and difficult to please!

It is here that the saints become for us models of true individuality in the sense that they are the best examples we have of men and women living […]

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