Is 63: 16b-17. 19b; 64: 2-7 Integrity is a key aspect of true holiness. In fact it is necessary as without integrity there is no holiness! Isaiah calls for us to act with integrity, that is, to live the truths we believe without compromise no matter what the cost may be to us in the eyes of the world. We live in an image conscious world – in fact, it could even be said that image is everything in today’s world. This is not the case in the Kingdom of God.

Jesus, help me to choose the eternal values of the Kingdom of Heaven over and above the passing fads and material things of the world.

1 Cor 1: 3-9 The last line of today’s text is a key one – and God is faithful. I do not know if there are any more satisfying words than these in all of the Scriptures. The fact that God is faithful covers everything that I could possibly care about! If God is faithful the only thing I have to worry about is whether or not I will be faithful to him! This may be a scary thought but it is nothing […]

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Jesus tells us that heaven and earth will pass away, but His words will stand forever! What does He mean by this? When God makes a promise we can be sure that He will honour it. Creation, in the form of heaven and earth are exactly that, created realities and as such have only a limited lifespan. God’s Word, His promise will outlast them. Human beings too will outlast mere creation as God has called us share in His own Divine Life through the gift of salvation. We too will pass beyond the mere created realities into eternity with God.

Let us return now to His Words, as they are an important source of hope and strength for us in our earthly pilgrimages. God never speaks without a good reason; therefore, if He says something it is important. If He promises something it is even more important! I used to think it was almost superstition to go searching in the Scriptures for all the various promises that God has made down through the ages and then hold them up to Him and ask for their fulfilment. I do not think this any more. On the contrary, I now lament my lack […]

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WHAT IS APOCALYPTIC LITERATURE? Rev 18:1-2,21-23: 19:1-3,9.

I get a little worried when I hear people say that they know what the code is to understanding the Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation falls into the category of Apocalyptic Literature. There is nothing terribly mysterious to this other than that characteristic to it is a lot of imagery, signs and symbols. However, I would argue that there is no code involved at all other than the underlying reason for all Apocalyptic Literature, namely to bring hope to a people undergoing a time of suffering and distress.

Someone for whom it is specifically written will readily understand the language of Apocalyptic literature. However, it is not explicit or specific enough to be understood by the persecuting party. Thus a person can freely write to encourage those being persecuted without fear of being understood by the persecutor! The imagery, weird and wonderful beasts, curious collections of numbers etc will be meaningful enough to convey the general message of the author to the intended recipient.

With this in mind we can now return to the text of today’s First Reading. The key line in this text is “Alleluia! Victory and glory and power to our God!” The first part of the […]

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People often ask me what is the best way to praise God. I am not sure that there is a ‘best’ way to praise God. I do know that there are as many ways as there are people God has created and then some more! I do not think it is a question of looking for the overall best way to praise God, but to praise Him in the midst of whatever we happen to doing.

The Gospel speaks of people looking for signs that the end of the world is near. Now this is not a total waste of time, however, I think it is getting close to it. If we were able, and we are not, to know the date of the end of the world all that would serve to do is cause panic and mayhem! The best way to approach the end of the world is to go about your regular business every day as if the end of the world was going to be in the relatively near future. If we allow our focus to narrow too soon our witness of God’s love to the world will suffer, as we will tend to be concerned about […]

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It can be a great disappointment and even a cause for despair, if we discover that something we have invested a large percentage of energies and life into is going to disappear. It is inadvisable to invest too much of ourselves to a thing or cause as it may not even outlast our lifetime! A similar sort of thing can be said of sportsmen and sportswomen. They invest a large portion of their life to training in the hope of wining a gold medal in the Olympic Games, or to break a world record.

Paul warns all Christians to run the race for Christ and the Gospel and not just for a wreath that will wither and die. However, there is nothing inherently wrong with sports or the various causes and things that we invest our lives in. The overall challenge, then, is to find the right balance of commitment to our life in this world and also directed toward the life to come.

The fine stonework of the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed in 70AD when the Romans levelled Jerusalem for about the eighteenth time in its existence. So much of what we do is here today and gone tomorrow. What […]

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Finding Christ in the Poor

Jesus is our king, yet he comes in the disguise of the poor. Fr Steve Fletcher MGL speaks about finding Christ in this homily for the feast of Christ the King.
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The Gospel today presents us an example of the old dictum, “small is beautiful.” The interesting thing about the story of the widow’s mite is that, in one sense, the widow’s offering is the largest of all given! As a percentage of her disposable income her offering is obviously the greatest. She gave all that she had to live on! What lessons does this parable have for each of us?

The widow’s trust in God’s providence is an inspiration to say the least. Many of the saints of the Church have followed in her footsteps. This is not to say that we have to give everything away in order to accept the Gospel into our lives. It does suggest, however, that if we have not done that, then maybe we have to look at questions of trust in our lives. Do we really entrust our lives to the Lord’s providential care or do we tend to be self-sufficient. The essence of salvation is to be found in entrusting our lives into the hands of Jesus so that our sins can be forgiven. We all want that and are probably willing to humble ourselves to accept it. However, are we also willing […]

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There are so many seeming contradictions surrounding the person of Jesus that it is sometimes difficult to know who He is! The last Sunday before the beginning of Advent is always the Feast of Christ the King. The Gospel has Jesus sitting in judgement over all people, dividing the good from the bad. This is an act of a king. Kings sit in judgement over their subjects. But if we look back a bit into the life of Jesus we find that He washed His disciples’ feet! (Jn 13) This is not an act of a king! Or is it?

Perhaps the kingship of Jesus is different to the one that we immediately call to mind. Yes, I think this is the answer. Jesus’ kingship is one of service and humility, not pomp and ceremony. There will be plenty of time for all of those sorts of things in eternity. Jesus only spent about 33 years here on earth and He had to use His time well in order to accomplish His Father’s will. His life, the model all Christians look up to, had to be one that unequivocally spoke of the Kingdom of God. Jesus desired to leave us an […]

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It is so annoying when someone asks you questions just to try and trip you up! You know form the nature of the questions that the dialogue is a complete and utter waste of time, but they still persist! May God grant us the perseverance to endure such experiences! Jesus encounters something similar to this in the Gospel. The Sadducees are looking for evidence in Jesus’ teaching in order to lay a charge against Him. They thought they had the perfect question to trip Him up. But they were wrong! Jesus gets the better of them and He does so by appealing to the Scriptures. At the same time, Jesus teaches us to focus upon life rather than trying to determine all the ‘ins and outs’ of what will happen after we die. It is too late then to change anything, so let us focus on the things we can change, now, during our lifetimes.

The resurrection of Jesus does not just have an effect upon us after we die, enabling us to gain eternal life. It is also for the present! Through the power of the resurrection we can begin to die to the sin in our lives now! We […]

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Many times, throughout the course of the Liturgical Year, the Church invites us to meditate upon the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Is this by design or just a coincidence? Obviously it is the former that is the answer! Let us consider today’s Gospel.

Mary and some of Jesus’ relatives are looking for him. When they find Him they send word that they are waiting for Him outside. When hearing of this, Jesus takes the opportunity to teach the people something about the nature of discipleship. There is an almost universal respect for the role of a mother in teaching and bringing up a child. Is Jesus response, then, rude and uncaring toward Mary His mother? I think not. Jesus is simply saying that it is even more important to respect the will of God in our lives! God holds a higher call over our life than do either or both of our parents.

Now, I am not saying that we should disregard our parents. We must still respect them in every way. We are not to try and use one against the other. However, we need to balance our respect for them with an unbreakable commitment and obedience to the […]

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