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The Call: It is the thought that counts

Human beings have an amazing ability to think about the things that they love. Whether it is food, football or fantasizing about love, we are able to think about them no matter how busy we are. You could be doing five things at once and still have space in your brain to think about what you are going to eat for lunch.

This is particularly the case when someone is in love. No matter how busy they are or how many tasks they are juggling at one time, they are still able to think about the person they love. This is meditation at work. In fact we would have to say that human beings are naturally contemplative; the only problem is that we are normally contemplating the wrong things.

Yet at the same time, most Christians say that they struggle to find time to pray. We are able to dream about food while we work, but we are unable to think about how God loves us. Jesus says in the bible that “where your treasure is, your heart will be also” (Lk 12:34). It is the most natural thing to think about the things that we love: we should be questioning why […]

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IN THE POTTERS HANDS                    Jer.18.1-6

Have you ever seen a potter at work? Have you tried working with clay? I am always amazed at the skill of the potter. There are long hours spent in laboring over the work to see that it comes out the right mould. The fashioned clay is then placed in the kiln at a hot temperature. The clay is left to dry and formed into its mould. Working with clay is messy; it involves a lot of sweat, blood and tears!

Jeremiah is called upon by the Lord to go to the house of the potter to observe and take note of the workmanship in fashioning the clay. The prophet notices that the clay becomes marred, it is ruined. The potter must start again – which can sometimes happen – very time consuming. The Prophet looks on with great interest at the patience, skill and effort of the potter to achieve the right mould.

The Lord God speaks to Jeremiah through the image. God will deal with the House of Israel just as the potter has dealt with the clay. God will work at fashioning a people whom he can call his own being […]

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RESCUE ME O’ GOD                Jer. 15.10, 16-21

Jeremiah has some startling “confessions”. He makes known to the Lord his struggles and hardships in this prophetic ministry. Similar to Augustine, Jeremiah’s confessions reveal to the Lord the personality and attitude of heart. There are six “confessions” outlined in the book of Jeremiah. They make good reading since it is through these that we catch a glimpse of the stark and often humorous ‘secrets’ of the prophet.

Jeremiah is having one of those days. I think you know what I mean! No one wants to listen to him; he is ignored by the civil and religious authorities of the day. His enemies have had enough of his “groaning”. No one is interested in what he has to say, he has become the laughing stock of the community. Sound familiar!?

Jeremiah calls out to the Lord. He is in a desperate and hopeless situation. There is strife and contention all around him. However Jeremiah confesses that he has not been involved with matters to evoke dispute or difference of opinions. He is just doing what the Lord is telling g him to do. His list goes on. Lord, I have been obedient to […]

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Not Afraid to Follow

People will often say that we are being fanatical if we choose to follow Jesus, but this should never stop us. Fr Paul Uwemedimo calls us to seek Christ alone in this homily for the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time.
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I BELIEVE IN JESUS                    Mtt.11.19-27

Many people invited Jesus into their homes as he walked the roads of Palestine. Many offered him and his disciples’ friendship and hospitality. We hear of one such family in the Gospel today.  Mary, Martha and Lazarus lived in Bethany, (a small village two miles from Jerusalem). They often invited him over to dine with them and Jesus and his disciples enjoyed their friendship and company

On one occasion Jesus hears of the death of his friend, Lazarus. He goes to Bethany, despite opposition from some of the disciples and seeks to comfort the sisters and wake Lazarus from “sleep”. In this scene we are touched by the encounter between Jesus and Martha. Martha was the one always busy with preparations (see Lk 10). She was corrected at one stage by Jesus because of her many concerns. Here in this narrative we see another side to Martha

In this dialogue-encounter, Martha is the one who goes out to greet Jesus. Perhaps being the eldest and as hostess she greets this most welcomed visitor. Already, there are many who have come to mourn with, and comfort, family. Martha as a faithful Jew, believed in the […]

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FROM SMALL BEGINNINGS             Mtt.13.31-35

Have you ever made bread? It takes a lot of effort. One has to measure the flour, sugar, water, and yeast, although you must take care with the yeast. You only need a small amount to allow the bread to rise. It is an amazing sight to watch the bread rise with just the right amount of yeast and nice warm temperature. Have you ever seen mustard seed? At the time of Jesus, it was the smallest seed. -similar to what we know as pepper. It was amazing that such a small seed would develop into a large tree, even up to ten feet!

It was with these familiar images, so close to home, that Jesus used to speak on the Kingdom of heaven. The topic was so close to his heart that he wanted all to understand just how precious it was. Jesus uses of parables were a skilful technique of making known an extraordinary message. What seemingly was so small and insignificant would develop into something profound and wonderful. From the humble beginnings the message of the Kingdom began with twelve simple men and now had grown to a worldwide phenomenon

From small beginnings, […]

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Solomon was the one of the finest kings of Israel. He was the son of David and ruled for about 40 years. He was wise, intelligent, talented and skilled in many areas. Solomon prospered; many came to seek his wisdom and advice. Many pledged their submission to him. He was a splendor of light in the Kingdom of Israel. Solomon is about 20 when he is enthroned as King. Such demands could not possibly be made by one so inexperienced Solomon trusts in the Lord, following the footsteps of his father David.

Among all the desires that Solomon could have asked for, he asks for one. He makes his request known before the Lord that he would be given wisdom and understanding. The Lord pleased with the humble request of King Solomon and so grants this to him. He is given a heart so wise and understanding that he is able to discern right from wrong. The gift of wisdom and understanding is a gift of the Holy Spirit. It is one of those seven- fold gifts poured into our lives in the Sacrament of Confirmation. In this sacrament we are sealed in the […]

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HONOR YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER        Sir.44.1, 10-15

Today we honor the parents of Mary. Tradition has named them as Joachim and Anne.
In the Ten Commandments God gives to his people, we note that we are to honor the mother and father. There is a reward attached to this –so that all may be well and they we might have long life. Throughout the pages of the Bible one is constantly reminded of the dignity and respect of this commandment. St Paul urges children to obey their parents

It is right and fitting that we honor Joachim and Anne on this day. Their lives will live on in each generation for they image to us the model of true parenting. They loved and cherished Mary, their daughter. They would have taught her at a young age the truths of the faith. They prepared the soil of her life for God to bring blessing and grace into her life. We honor their devotion, their marriage, their love for each other and their love of God.

As Ben Sirach tells us in the first reading, their virtues have not been forgotten. The parent pass on many traits to their children we are to be open […]

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SACRIFICE OF THANKSGIVING            Mtt.20 20-28

James and John had everything going for them – or so their mother thought. They had been followers of Jesus and things had never looked better. Jesus was a popular person drawing many crowds. The disciples were in the limelight. These simple, poor, and humble fishermen had such a turnaround in their lives since the very first day they encountered Jesus

There was a mentality among many Jews at the time of Jesus (and there is till is now) that the Messiah certainly would come. When he came he would establish his reign. There would be victory, peace and life. Unfortunately, many understood this messiah-figure would be politically orientated. They did not expect the Messiah, of which Jesus was to be acclaimed, as one who would suffer and die. Many people hoped that the messiah would be the anointed one who would overturn the Roman government and that Israel would enjoy prosperity and peace. The messiahship of Jesus was far different to their ways of thinking.

It was in this vain that the mother of the sons of Zebedee approached Jesus. She pays him homage, and makes her request – one at the right and one […]

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REMEMBER THE LOVE OF GOD        Jer.2.1-3, 7-8, 12-13

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Perhaps some of you have married that first love. You probably remember the sense of being loved and accepted for who you were. You did not have to compete, or boast or win the admiration of the other. It was just that you were in love! Some of us have chemical reactions – we go all gooey! We stutter our words. Love is an amazing thing. Do you remember on those occasions you wanted to see each other – you could not be a moment without the other!

God speaks through the prophet in a powerful way. He asks his bride Israel a question; “Do you remember?” Do you remember when we first met? Do you remember when I first called you by name? Do you remember when I carried you through your times of slavery into the place of freedom? God says do you remember. He replies, “I remember”. God remembers…he remembers everything

God remembers…God remembers when their was such devotion of youth. He remembers how faithful, dedicated, loyally committed Israel was as a youth. God remembers how he was loved as a […]

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