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The Call: Acting up

Unfortunately, Christianity is weighed down by the image of it being  a ‘sensible’ religion. Rational people who wear sensible clothes, drive nice cars, make prudent decisions and attend ordinary church services.

But if we look in the old testament, we find that the prophets were anything but normal. They didn’t give carefully crafted homilies that were designed to make people feel nice. Sometimes they didn’t even preach at all because God asked them to do something that would be prophetic. Jeremiah was asked to put his underwear into a cave next to a river (Jer 13), Ezekiel was asked to lie on his side for three hundred and ninety days (Ezek 4), Hosea was asked to marry a prostitute (Hosea 1): this is definitely not  nice, safe, prudent and rational.

Why did God ask the prophets to perform these prophetic actions? Perhaps because we live in a world that is tired of listening but loves to gossip. When Jeremiah broke the earthenware vessel in the presence of the Leaders of Judah (Jer 19), the story would have spread like wild-fire throughout the whole country. But if he chose instead to give a nice little sermon, everyone would have fallen asleep.

Jesus calls us […]

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Escape from Loneliness

The deepest pain in the human heart is often loneliness. Fr Bony MGL tells us that Jesus speaks into this pain when he says, 'I will not leave you orphans'.
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The call: Which voice?

Jesus says that his sheep (his followers) listen to his voice and do not listen to the voice of the stranger (Jn 10:4-5). But is it really this simple?

There are only two voices that can direct us: the voice of the shepherd or the voice of fear. It is probably fair to say that most of the time we are directed by the voice of fear. The voice of fear is very subtle and normally presents itself as the voice of reason. It is the voice that calls us to self-preservation, always looking to keep ourselves safe. This is the voice that twists the truth of the Gospel message to validate its message of fear: ‘God wants you to be happy, so there is no point persevering when things become difficult’.

We need to learn to recognise that the voice of the Shepherd is completely different. The Shepherd wants to lead us through our fear to the path of life. The Shepherd never promises us that life with be filled with instant gratification, but rather that he will lead us along a path that will involve facing our fear.

It is important that we recognise the difference between these two voices. Jesus says […]

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Jesus is the way

Jesus is the true 'way' who leads us out of fear and into life. Fr Matheus Wuwu MGL speaks about how Jesus is our spiritual GPS in this homily for the 5th Sunday of Easter.
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Do not grow lazy in faith

Acts 13: 13-25 Paul is careful to link his proclamation of the Gospel to what the people know of the Old Covenant. This indicates there must have been a considerable number of Jews in his audience. Paul was not just concerned with evangelizing the Gentiles. He loved his fellow Jews and wanted them to be saved as well (see Rom 9-11). It is important that we also have a care for the whole mission of the Church and not just the portion in which we are presently involved.

Let us always pray and intercede for the work of evangelization throughout the world. Jesus, let me grow in my love and care for all men and women.

Jn 13: 16-20 At the heart of the Gospel message is the call to serve. Jesus expressed it best when he stated that he came to serve and not be served. There are too many people today who have the sense of entitlement about various things including the gift of salvation. The Scriptures are very clear that we will have to WORK out our salvation in fear and trembling. Nothing is a done deal such that we deserve anything! We […]

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The love of the shepherd

Fr Ken Barker speaks about the life that is given to us by knowing the love of the Good Shepherd in his homily for the 4th Sunday of Easter.
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The call: swim against the tide

“I ask you, instead, to be revolutionaries, to swim against the tide; yes, I am asking you to rebel against this culture that sees everything as temporary and that ultimately believes that you are incapable of responsibility, that you are incapable of true love.” Pope Francis at WYD 2013

Culture is the most dominant force in the world. You can spend your life teaching people what is right and wrong, and at the end of the day they will just follow the dominant culture. The culture of the western world is marked primarily by consumerism. This is much more than just a desire to go shopping for new things (“I shop therefore I am”). This culture actually makes a claim for what it is to be human. The ideal of humanity is to be beautiful, powerful, with a big house and fast car. The closer you get to this ideal, the more human you become. In this culture, selfishness become a virtue if it helps you attain the ideal and be seen as being ‘more-human’ than everyone else. Consumerism has become the story that directs our lives, drowning out any other knowledge of what we believe to be ‘right and wrong’. […]

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The blood of the martyrs

Acts 8: 1b-8 Persecution was part of the way of life of the Early Church. I think they were surprised when there wasn’t any persecution happening. This just goes to show the robustness of the Gospel truths in that they were able to endure such persecution. In fact, persecution can be seen to make the faith stronger. It is in times of persecution that you find out who your real friends are – those who are committed to a common cause no matter what the consequences of such a commitment may be!

Jesus, many of the Early Christians were martyred. Their blood, along with yours, became the foundation stones of the Church. Help me to build upon this foundation with faith and trust in you.

Jn 6: 35-40 Jesus’ love for us is not selective – he loves all people and redeems all people. The Jews had an exclusivist understanding of the blessings of God. Only rarely were non-Jews considered to be blessed by God. The Christian Gospel does not make distinctions like this. We believe that the good News of Salvation is for everyone and that it is our duty to share it with them. […]

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Surrender of Heart and mind

Acts 7: 51 — 8: 1a Stephen is not going to compromise. He will not allow the people to think that they are guiltless in their ignorance. If they are ignorant of the love of God and the Gospel it is because they choose to be ignorant! This is a sin in itself. I often talk to people who seem to want to avoid knowing too much about God lest their new found knowledge demands that they change the way they are living! This is a very unfortunate position to take as it runs the danger of missing out on the gift of salvation!

Holy Spirit, help me to surrender my mind and heart to the truth so that I never walk in the darkness of sin or ignorance again.

Jn 6: 30-35 Jesus is making the argument that he is the greatest of all the figures in history sent by God. For the Jews, Moses is the greatest of the ancient figures of their faith. Jesus is claiming that he is greater than Moses. This is one of the main themes of John’s Gospel, something that we should note as we read through it. All the […]

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Christ meets us in our pain

Fr Bony Abraham MGL preaches about the walk to Emmaus in this homily for the 3rd Sunday in Easter.
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