Touch reality; know mercy

If God’s very nature is mercy, then we can only know God through knowing our need for mercy. Fr Dave Callaghan MGL speaks about the
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The Call: We become what we behold

It is sometimes said that people who really love their dogs can start to look like them. Whether this is universally true or not, there is something true in that we become what we behold. This can be true of our surrounding environment, but even more so of our internal environment. If I look at my life and only see the bad stuff (such as the rejection, the hurt, the pain and loneliness) then that will become my reality. If I spend all of my time looking about how I have been rejected in the past, then I will naturally start to expect that I will be rejected in the future. I will become what I behold.

Yet if I look at my history and see how God delights in me, how he loves me and provides for me at every moment, then this will naturally shape my life in a more positive way. I will begin to believe that I am lovable, that I am worthy of being accepted and respected.

This takes on another dimension when we look upon the heart of Jesus. There we see one who was rejected, yet replied with love; who was despised and treated badly, […]

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The Tomb is Empty

We believe is this great mystery based on the witness of many. Fr Bony Abraham MGL calls us back to the wonder of faith in this homily for the Easter Vigil recorded live at the St Benedict's Mission Centre in Canberra.
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Easter Sunday Jesus is Risen Jn 20:1-9

“Jesus is Risen!” is the cry of an Easter people. There is nothing more important to us than this. If Jesus has not risen from the dead then the Gospel is emptied of its power and our lives of discipleship are meaningless in the equation of eternal life. We may be good people, but good id not enough to merit eternal life. Only the offer of salvation from Jesus, through his death and resurrection can merit us eternal life. It is important for us deepen our appreciation of this truth as the more we believe it, the more willing we will be to pay the price of discipleship

Jesus is not interested in lip-service. This is why he came in person to redeem us. He came to reveal to us the true nature of love and both the demands love makes and consequences of these demands for those who wish to be numbered among the saints of God. For 2000 years God had worked with a people who, while at times were very pliant to his will and love, more often than not demonstrated a remarkable ability to reject the offer of God’s love and set out according to their own […]

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Easter Vigil

The Easter vigil is the Catholic equivalent of the Grand Finale of a program of shows or sporting event. There is nothing like experiencing it first hand. People pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to attend and the glory they see and experience is all passing away. The Easter Vigil is free of charge and the glory lasts forever. In fact, the celebration invites us to enter into and receive the glory as the gift of salvation Jesus has won for us all! There is no experience on earth like it for a person of faith!
Too often we spend our time and efforts running after things that are never going to last beyond a day let alone a week, lifetime or forever. Our faith, in particular all that God offers us through faith, will endure beyond our death into eternal life. That is something worth dying for; I am willing to give all for a share of that! What about you? What are deepest desires and dreams for your life? Do hey include sharing eternal life with God and all his saints? I certainly hope so or else your dreams and desires are going to be remarkably short-lived and […]

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If this is real, then what?

Fr David Callaghan MGL calls us to look again at the cross in this homily for Good Friday recorded live at St Benedict's Mission Centre in Canberra.
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Good Friday The Power of the Cross Jn 18:1 – 19:42

Today we do not celebrate the Eucharist as it is the day we remember the cross of Christ – his passion and death. There is no place for the resurrection today except in hope. It is good for us to reflect upon life without the resurrection, as it will remind us of the negative power of sin and the horrible consequences that come with it, namely deprivation of the vision of God in eternity.

As we walk with Jesus in his passion today, both in the Stations of the Cross and also in the Solemn Commemoration of the Passion of Jesus at 3pm (where there is the opportunity to venerate the Cross), let us pray for the grace of a deeper understanding of sin so that we might more actively against it and temptation when they come into our lives. Yes, today we remember the Passion of Jesus, but we should do more than this, we should do our best to experience the desolation of sin, the consequences of which are eternal death. Today is a day of fasting and abstinence for most Catholics. These are penances designed to help us enter into the spirit of self-denial and penance as an […]

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The Gift of Life

Fr Steve Fletcher MGL breaks open the readings in this homily for Holy Thursday recorded live at St Benedict's mission Centre in Canberra.
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Let us reflect for a moment on the gift of the Eucharist as we celebrate its institution nearly 2000 years ago. The Vatican Documents teach us that the Eucharist is the source and summit of our lives as Catholics. As such, the Eucharist ought to be the wellspring from which we draw the strength to live our daily Christian lives and it is the end to which we direct all our actions as it is the celebration of our salvation!

There is no mystery more profound than that of the Eucharist as meal where we eat Christ’s Body and drink His Blood. How can this be the case? It is part of the mystery of God’s gracious provision for the lives and strength of His people. Through the mystery of transubstantiation what seems to be bread and wine takes on the reality or essence of the Body and Blood of Christ! We cannot explain this scientifically, but in faith we believe it and partake of it. The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross is made present to us in a sacramental form and we are able to enter into the mystery of our salvation in a way that is so profound […]

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There was a film back in the 1980s (I think) called “Sleeping with the Enemy.” Today’s Gospel passage might well be titled, “Eating with the Enemy.” One of the things about having a meal with someone or many people for that matter is that very rarely if ever will you sit down to eat with your enemy unless it is for some sort of clandestine purpose. We eat meals with our friends, not our enemies.

This understanding of eating enhances our understanding of the Eucharist as we realize that the ‘meal’ aspect of the Eucharist speaks very strongly of the unity of the Body of Christ. At the Last Supper Jesus spends time with his friends because he knows this will be there last meal together. However, Jesus does not sentimentalize this experience; he sacramentalizes it with the institution of the Eucharist. Whenever the Eucharist is celebrated, unity ought to be celebrated. We should realize that we are one community with all who celebrate the Eucharist. Paul understood this when he berated the Corinthians for the disunity and factions in their midst.

The Passover for the Jews is the event that constituted them as a people, The People of God. It is […]

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