God Looks at the Heart

God does not look at our appearance, but he looks at the heart. Fr Bony Abraham MGL speak about the call of God in this homily for the 4th Sunday of Lent.
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The official who is seeking the healing of his child is obviously a man of great faith. I wonder at times how strong my faith really is? I wonder what will happen when and/or if it gets tested in ways that are far more difficult than I have experienced up until this time? Will I be able to maintain faith through a prolonged and difficult time of suffering or desolation?


I hope and pray that my faith will never be tested by such difficult experiences. However, should it be, then I pray that I will be able to fall back on the truth and promise of the Scriptures that God will never test us beyond our strength. This promise that we read in the writings of St Paul is a great consolation and a source of infinite hope, when I reflect upon it I find within it the promise (almost) that I will never be overcome by unbelief or the temptations of the Devil. Yes, it will always be possible that I may renounce my faith, but such an act would be virtually unthinkable if I can just cling to, even if it is only just, the truth that God will […]

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1 Sm 16: 1b. 6-7. 10-13a This time it will be God who chooses who becomes King. The people of Israel have had their opportunity and chosen Saul. God chooses David. We are supposed to look at the contrasts and see what makes the difference between a not so good and great king. Saul looks the part from a worldly point of view but lacks the inner character to do a good job. David is exactly the opposite!

Jesus, help me to look at the character of a person when deciding if to make them a friend or not. Help me to see and discern with your wisdom so as to make good friends who will both inspire and help me to be a better person.

Eph 5: 8-14 Being a child of the light means being a good example to others in the ways of faith and morality. Each one of us is called to embrace the challenge of righteous living so that those whom we meet will be inspired by our holy way of life to embrace it themselves. This is one of the most important aspects of living and proclaiming the Gospel, namely […]

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It is a little difficult to continue to write on this parable. It is so well known and I have been writing these reflections for Shepherds Voice for sixteen years now! Anyway, here goes. It is important when reflecting on this story that we do not reduce it to a single message. There are many aspects to this story depending upon which person we wish to focus upon and follow. Take the elder son for example. We do not usually give his character much attention but there is an important lesson to learn from him. He is both unwilling to accept his younger brother back when he returns home and he also refuses to respond to the pleas of his father to change his attitude.


Yes, the older brother has been wronged by the younger one, but is that a reason not to forgive? There will always be times when we wrong others and others wrong us but it does not matter what is done, forgiveness is always the only answer to the problem. There may be need for some sort of restitution as well, but the primary work of healing is the choice to forgive.


Secondly, we should never lose our […]

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Nobody is impressed with a person who tales credit for another person’s work. It is even more galling when a person is claiming to have done something, or in the case of salvation, claiming that they will do something that by definition we know is impossible! Only Christ can save us from our sins. We may be able to work hard at living holy lives, and so we should, but it does not matter how many good works we perform through our own strength, none of them individually nor all of them collectively can save us! The forgiveness of our sins and the offer of eternal life is a free gift offered to us by God.


The Pharisee in today’s Gospel needs a reality check! He may be a very good man, but he certainly has a lot to learn about humility and probably salvation as well. Nobody likes people who are always ready to boast of their achievements – such actions are normally the sign of a very poor self-image. However, we are usually very ready to listen to and work with someone who has a good grasp on reality and his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Such people […]

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We all become susceptible to the people and things we love. Sometimes we even do crazy things in order to pursue them. It is here that we need to be careful! It can be quite easy for us to make decisions that we might later regret if we do not manage our desires well. St Paul tells us that the greatest treasure we all have is the knowledge and experience of the Gospel. Our greatest treasure is our relationship with Christ and we need to make decisions that reflect this truth.


Sometimes it can take quite a bit of reflection and thought to order our desires well. The many pressures of the world and all the other influences we experience from friends and society can be quite easy to succumb to if we do not keep them in their correct place. This is where prayer comes in!


Prayer is the heart of our relationship with Jesus. Ceasing to pray will do to our relationship with Jesus what a silent heart does to a body – it kills it! Our relationship with Christ is a living reality that requires regular time and effort, just like any other relationship we have. A good […]

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  • Desert

The call: Don’t pitch your tent

The scriptures tell us that it took forty years for the Israelites to journey from Egypt to the promised land. Google maps suggests that you can walk this distance in about 160 hours.

The reason that it took so long was because the Israelites were not walking. They became stuck in the desert for thirty eight years purely because they couldn’t bring themselves to leave behind the good things of Egypt. They could remember all of the good food that they used to have in Egypt, and they couldn’t trust that God was going to provide something better in the promised land. And so they pitched their tents didn’t move beyond the desert.

This has always been an image of the Christian journey. We have been set free from sin through the waters of baptism. Yet whenever the journey becomes difficult, we are tempted to look back at the life we used to live and doubt the promise that God has made to us. Many Christians end up in a place where they are not growing in faith or journeying closer to Jesus because they are stuck in the desert of doubt and temptation.

If you don’t feel like you are moving anywhere […]

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Yes we do! However, we may not believe in them in quite the way that they are presented in today’s Gospel. I believe in the Devil and his various minions. Exactly how the devil manifests his evil and corruptive values and influences in today’s world or at any time in human history will always be subject to much debate and depend upon personal preferences amid one’s beliefs.


There is no doubt in my mind that there is more to sin in the world than the mere fact of human choice. There is a level of manipulation of human choices going on behind the scenes governed by the Devil and his minions that is seeking to create an environment where evil, and consequently sin, will flourish. There is an old saying that is very true, that all that is necessary for evil to flourish is for the good to do nothing.


The miracle stories of Jesus expelling demons from the possessed are all very exciting but perhaps the more important issue for us to reflect upon could be: “What are we doing in the fight to do good?” That is, blaming the evil in the world on demons and not taking personal […]

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There are times in Christian circles when people talk about living according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The implication, often unspoken and unwritten, is that the Law is not important and can be ignored if one is listening to where the Holy Spirit is leading us. On the surface of it the argument seems at least reasonable, but on closer evaluation it becomes quite clear that it is dubious at best. Let us see why…


Consider the situation in society if everyone is able to choose which laws they want to follow and those they want to ignore. It would result in unimaginable chaos! Laws work precisely because they oblige all people to follow them. Any other permutation of following the law/ignoring the law will ultimately fail. Yes, there are good laws that should be there and bad ones that should be eliminated.


Jesus knows all of this when he makes the statement we read in today’s Gospel. When he affirms that he is not going to change anything in the Law he affirms that the Law, namely the Ten Commandments, given by God to Moses is not in need of reform. Jesus affirms that the Gospel he proclaims […]

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People rarely seriously complain about having to do something they know it is their duty to do. Yes, there are some who do, but hopefully they are in a very small minority. However, when it comes to doing things that are above and beyond the call of duty, then we are probably all liable to complain at least now and then! One of the most impressive things about the life of Mary is that she seems to almost embrace her call as a duty. Wow! Is there anything we can complain about given that we not been asked to do anything as significant or seemingly impossible as this?! I think not; at least not with any good excuse!

Jesus also demonstrates not just an extraordinary level of obedience but selflessness as well when he dies on the cross to free us from our sins. We have no excuse when it comes to trying to argue our way out responding to such an enormous grace. How can we be so selfish that we would not consider at least a few acts of selflessness and self-sacrifice par for the course of a life of discipleship of Jesus? If you can think of an […]

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