Speaking the truth

5: 9-12 The life of a prophet is never easy. He or she is called to proclaim the truth of the Gospel no matter what reception they may receive in the world. Read through the books of the prophets in the Old Testament. You will clearly see that their lives were often difficult and full of suffering. We are all called to be prophets; actually, at Baptism we were all anointed as prophets! Let us never be afraid to speak the truth of the Gospel, no matter how unpopular or popular it may be.

Jesus, grant me a love for the truth that allows me to be bold in speaking it whenever it is necessary. Help me to remain faithful to the truth at all times.

Mk 10: 1-12 Marriage, if it is to mean anything, has to be a special sort of relationship. Because children are involved it is appropriate that marriage have an enduring quality. Marriage is not just another thing we get, consume and then throw away when we tire of it. Marriage is meant to endure. It is the bedrock foundation of society. Without marriage as traditionally understood society as we know we need […]

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The example we give

 Jas 5: 1-6 Wealth is not inherently bad; it is simply inherently dangerous. It is a source of temptation to self-sufficiency and a possible distraction to our seeing and doing the work that God has for us. We all know how material pursuits can become consuming of our time and efforts. We are all aware how easy it is to neglect our faith and find our time consumed by the ways and things of the world. This is a greater danger the more wealth we have.

 Jesus, help me to be satisfied with enough. That is, I pray that I will not become seduced by the pleasures of the world but always seek my satisfaction within the context of your will for my life.

 Mk 9: 41-50 Jesus warns us about the example we give to others. This becomes even more so when those who may be influenced by our actions are children. Jesus tells us to be sure that the example we give is one that is truly worthy of the name, ‘Christian.’ We will be held responsible for the bad example we give others. We need to be aware that this is so in order that we […]

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Working for the Kingdom

4: 1-17 What really matters in life? Is it the amount of money we hope to make in a lifetime? Is it the acclaim of the world regarding how brilliant we may be at a particular sport or intellectual pursuit? What really matters? Is it whether or not we gain eternal life? The former things are for this world only – we cannot take any of it with us when we die. Eternal life is forever! This is what James reminds us of in the reading today. He is not saying that we should not work hard at our jobs but he is encouraging us to keep things in their proper perspective.

 Jesus, help me to have a realistic perspective on my life. Help me to spend the right amount of time at all the ‘things that matter,’ both those that are passing and those that are concerned with eternal life.

 Mk 9: 38-40 Jesus is not worried about competition if it is competition in the truth. If someone is truly working for the Kingdom of God then we should help them and not hinder them even if we may not be in total agreement with them in […]

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Take up your cross

Jas 4: 1-10 Altruism is an important part of being a disciple of Jesus. This simply means that we learn to be concerned for the needs of others and not just our own. Our faith is most truly expressed through concern for others. Look at the example of Jesus. He tells us during his ministry in both word and deed that he came not to be served but to serve! This must become the basis for our life of discipleship. Let us seek how we can best serve in the Kingdom of God.

 Jesus, help me to ask not so much what you can do for me but how I am able to best serve the brothers and sisters around me.

 Mk 9: 30-37 Jesus makes it very clear that following him will not be an easy road to walk. This is the second of the ‘take up you cross and follow me’ passages. It is important to realise that there is a cost involved in following Jesus. For the martyrs, the cost is their lives! This will probably not happen to us but in some ways the daily martyrdom of obedience to God’s word, if we truly […]

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The Power of One Act of Love

Love is our vocation, our duty and our joy. A Homily by visiting Priest, Fr John Rey SM during a special mass praying for healing,
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True Righteousness

 Jas 3: 13-18 One of the signs of true righteousness is peace. This makes a lot of sense because love, the basis of righteousness, is always going to be working for enduring peace in the world. If we examine all the fruits of the Spirit I think we will see that they all contribute to peace in one way or another. This means that if we work for true peace in our relationships and within our communities we will automatically be growing in love and righteousness as well.

 Jesus, help me to follow your example of love so that I may work for peace in the world and in all of my personal relationships as well.

 Mk 9: 14-29 Prayer is an important part of our faith. It is essential to harnessing fully the graces God has given us all. The grace of God is rarely something that benefits the individual alone – it is to be shared with others in some way or another. Even if a particular grace is personal, my resultant personal growth in embracing the grace will benefit those around me as it will change me for the better.

 Jesus, help me to recognize […]

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Seventh Sunday in ordinary Time

19: 1-2. 17-18 Holiness of life is the goal for all Christians. What does it mean to be holy? It means to live in imitation of Jesus. This is why it is so important to have a strong and committed prayer life, reading the Scriptures as often as we can. This is how we get to know who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. Without it, left to our own devices, we will struggle to understand what it means to live according to his example.

 Jesus, help me to be committed to daily prayer and reading of the Scriptures. No matter how difficult it may be for me, help me to set time aside each day for this.

 1 Cor 3: 16-23 That we are all Temples of the Holy Spirit or Temples of God is an incredible reality that we should reflect upon often. I am sure all of our parents have told us at one time or another to respect the fact that we are in a Church and act accordingly. Think about it! Christ dwells in us and we are his Temple! This truth, if nothing else ought to inspire us to […]

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Chair of Peter THE GIFT OF AUTHORITY Mt 16:13-19

In a world where the doctrine of individualism is strong authority is often something that is looked upon with at very best suspicion if not with outright hostility. I was recently reading a book about the life of Cardinal Newman and it tells us that in one of the articles of speculative theology that he wrote he concluded it with words to the effect that he recognizes that he is not the final authority on matters of truth within the Church and thus he humbly submits the article to the Church for its affirmation or rejection. Rarely today do we see academics in any disciplines, secular or religious, deferring to any levels of authority in such a humble and wonderful way. It is I believe something that we need to rediscover for the sake of unity and healthy dialogue on matters in question.

One of the most evident reasons for the survival of the Catholic Church as an institution for 2000 years is its strong sense of authority and the healthy exercise of the same. Yes, there are times when the Church leaders have reached beyond their legitimate bounds of authority but then we are a Holy Church made up of […]

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Getting down to Business

 Jas 2: 14-24. 26 Faith is all about action. Justice is all about doing something to put right the wrongs we discover in our own lives and in the world around us. True righteousness is not about seeing our selves with a monopoly of the understanding of good and right, but about living the truth as we know it and seeking to influence those around us with our commitment to it. Judgmentalism will never serve the Kingdom of God. It will simply turn people off to our message.

Jesus, help me to live the truth of the Gospel in love. Help me to seek to influence others through the example of my life first, rather than through the use of the power of argument.

Mk 8: 34 – 9: 1 Jesus is getting down to business now! He is making it clear that to be his disciple is not going to be an easy thing. It will mean embracing many difficult and trying decisions. It will mean taking up our cross and following him. The disciples could not fully understand what this meant as they had no idea that Jesus was going to die, let alone die […]

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The Apostle Peter is an extraordinary figure in that he seems to be something of a mix between a man with incredibly deep insight into the truth and a very simplistic application of that truth to reality. Take the example we have before us in today’s Gospel. Peter comes up with the deep truth that has been hidden form the eyes of most that Jesus is indeed the Messiah; yet he very quickly incurs the wrath of Jesus by speaking against the mission for which He, the Messiah had been sent. Admittedly it was virtually impossible for Peter to have known what the precise will of God for Jesus was in terms of Jesus’ upcoming Passion, yet Peter speaks against the words of Jesus as He describes such in a rather roundabout fashion.

I believe this gives rise to much hope for us all in that a man with such deep insight can also be so profoundly wrong yet it not exclude him from a significant ongoing role in the life of the Church. In other words, what God seems to be looking for in a disciple is someone who is willing to learn and give his or her life over […]

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