Obedience to god’s Grace

2 Sm 11: 1-4a. 5-10a. 13-17 David id not perfect! He too is a flawed man. He lusts after Bathsheba and is led into serious sin that culminates in the death of Bathsheba’s husband. When he realizes his sin he is incredibly sorry and tradition tells us that Psalm 50/51 is a result. Read the psalm and see what it means to develop a repentant heart. It is good for us to reflect upon the nature of true repentance as we all have reason to repent and should be doing so every day.

Holy Spirit, create in me a heart repentant for my sins. Help me to be so horrified by the destruction sin causes that I will avoid sin in the future.

Mk 4: 26-34 Yes, God is the one who brings increase and growth to his Kingdom. It is up to us to be obedient to his will but there is very little, if anything, that we can achieve in our own strength. God needs us to be his ‘hands and feet’ so to speak, but the most important aspect is the will of God. Obedience to the grace of God is an essential aspect of discipleship […]

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Sharing God’s Blessings

2 Sm 7: 18-19. 24-29 David recognizes that he is merely the instrument of the Lord in all that he has done in establishing Israel as a great power among the nations. He recognizes that it is God who has built a house, nay a kingdom, for him and that his proper attitude is that of gratitude towards the goodness of God to him. Let us all never lose sight of the need for humility in our lives. It is the virtue that will hold our talents and gifts as a coherent as we seek to serve the Lord.

Holy Spirit, teach me how to grow in humility. Help me to ascribe all things in my life to you, both the small and the great, so that I will never think too highly of myself.

Mk 4: 21-25 The nature of the Gospel is such that the more we give, the more we will receive. This is very easy to understand when we accept that God is a generous God! God wants to see his blessings and graces shared, so when he finds someone like himself who is willing to share everything, he blesses them even more […]

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Farmers are always trying to think of ways of increasing the yield of their harvests in order to make a better living from their farms. Jesus also demonstrates concern for the yield of fruit from each of our lives. Life is not just something that comes and goes without any real purpose or reason. Each of us has a part to play in God’s eternal plan for His Creation. The parable in today’s Gospel asks us the question, “What sort and how much fruit is your life bearing for the Kingdom of God?”

Just as the soil into which the farmer plants his crop is given great attention, so to the so-called ‘soil of our hearts’ is also due scrutiny. What sort of soil do we provide for the Word of God to grow in? How well do we care for the Word of God once it has taken root in our hearts? What attention do we pay to God’s Word in our lives? These questions and others will all be indicators as to the extent of the harvest that will be forthcoming from our lives.

There is an old adage that contains a certain element of truth – no pain; no […]

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Discovering God’s Will

2 Sm 6: 12b-15. 17-19 David rejoices unashamedly in victories the Lord wins for his people. Today is the Feast of St Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest minds the world has ever seen. His way of rejoicing in the Lord takes a different form. He writes, seeking greater understanding of the ways of God and Man. It is important that the Church encourages such reflection as it adds to our knowledge of God and better enables us to understand and follow his will as individuals and as Church.

Holy Spirit, please grant me the grace to enter more deeply into understanding and knowing God. Help me to work hard at reflecting upon the wisdom of the Scriptures, the Traditions of the Church and the many writings of the great philosophers and theologians who have gone before me.

Mk 3: 31-35 The theme of God’s will constantly recurs in the teachings of Jesus. This may not be a surprise to us when we think about it, but I wonder how much time and energy each of us puts into trying to discover God’s will for our lives? From personal experience, I doubt it will be that much! […]

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Following for the wrong reasons

The apostles began to follow Jesus for all the wrong reasons, but Jesus was patient with them. Fr Bony Abraham MGL speaks about the way
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The treasure of Unity

2 Sm 5: 1-7. 10 The phrase at the end of today’s reading. “The Lord of Hosts,” indicates that the power of God was with David. This is very important to a people who are seemingly constantly at war! This makes David an attractive proposition for King of Israel and this is what the people eventually accept. He will reign as King for a long time; remember life expectancy was probably not much more than 25-30 years at the time! Israel becomes a mighty nation under David’s rule.

Holy Spirit, no matter how much it may seem that I have achieved something, help me to remember always that it has been the grace of God that made it possible.

Mk 3: 22-30 Jesus affirms that we need to promote and treasure unity within our communities. When a community is divided for whatever reason, it is very difficult for it to achieve much. Unity means that we are able to share our resources and talents for the common purpose of living and proclaiming the Gospel. This is our highest calling; this is the heart of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Holy Spirit, help […]

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Is 8: 23 – 9: 3 Light is essential for sight; without it, it is impossible to see. Similarly, truth is essential for knowledge as if it is not true then it is not knowledge at all. The Scriptures provide us with the ultimate source of truths for knowledge of salvation. We should be familiarizing ourselves with the Word of God as often as we can. Time spent with the Scriptures is NEVER a waste of time.

 Holy Spirit, help me to be dedicated in reading and trying to understand the Scriptures. Help me to overcome any doubts I have that I may not be able to understand them.

 1 Cor 1: 10-13. 17 Our faith is not about a competition with anybody else. Each of us has a part to play in the plan and mind of God and that should be pour focus. No one else can be the person that God has created us to be. It is up to the individual alone to embrace his/her call and be faithful to it. The expression of each of our lives will be different, and this is a good thing in my opinion as it would be very […]

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The story of Paul’s conversion ought to be enough to cause anyone with any sense of reflecting upon the meaining of their life to think a little more deeply. He is a man with a mission that he believes comes form God and yet he is totally wrong in his most fundamental suppositions. He encounters Jesus and his life is turned upside down and inside out! It is enough to make any sinner tremble with trepidation and begin to wonder whether or not he or she is on the right path after all!

Paul is not a bad man; he is a good man! However, goodness in this sense is not a measure of whether or not he has a correct understanding of either faith or God himself. Listening to a preacher over last weekend I heard him say that it is not the ‘good person’ who will enter heaven, but the one who is obedient to the will of God. What he means by this is that we assign the adjective ‘good’ to a person with a meaning that says nothing about their understanding of salvation. Avoiding evil is a good thing but it will NOT get you into heaven […]

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I believe that Jesus summons us all into the wilderness at various times of our lives. Being called to reflect a little more constantly and without distraction as we set time aside for a retreat, means that God gets to speak to our spirits and form us in his ways in a stronger and more effective way. This sort of formation in the quiet is essential in the growth of holiness in our lives. Many will respond to this by saying that they are too busy with work or children and so on. Sorry, I used to buy that sought of an answer but I do not anymore. If we put a high enough value on an aspect of the spiritual life we will move the necessary mountains in order to see that we make a place for it in our lives. I truly believe that it is all a matter of priorities.

Jesus made it a number one priority to draw aside from ministry from time to time in order to ‘recharge his batteries’ so to speak; to ensure that his relationship with his Father in Heaven was always in good shape. We have to take our cue from Jesus […]

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The few years of the ministry of Jesus must have been something to experience – a phenomenom of unprecedented proportions! I do not think I can really grasp what it would have been like. Perhaps if we envisage the huge crowds that gather when the pope arrives in a country and then repeat that again and again we will have some idea of the crowds that followed Jesus. As I said, I cannot really imagine what it would have been like except that it must have been an amazing experience.

I am reminded of a song I heard at a youth formation seminar with the main line exhorting us to ‘be prepared for the ride of a lifetime,’ when we commit ourselves to following Jesus as his disciples. This ought to be the truth!  It is not that being a disciple is going to mean having amazing adventures all the time but they certainly should be a part of the mix of our lives. In 25 years of serious discipleship I have seen miracles that blow my mind, yet there is a feeling at the back of my mind and heart that there is so much more available to us if […]

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