Nov. 30 FISHERS OF MEN Mtt. 4. 18-22

Unlike most of the apostles, we have can make some assumptions on the life of Andrew. He is the brother of Simon, later named Peter. He was a fisherman like his brother and lived Galilee. He was a disciple of John the Baptist. He brings the two fish to Jesus in response to Jesus’ quiz at feeding the multitudes.
It is not hard to notice that Andrew is an evangelist. He is the one who leads Peter to Jesus. It was to Andrew that we owe the visitation of the Greeks. Some Greeks came to him to enquire about Jesus. Right from the very start of Jesus public ministry, he had a glimpse of who he was. He was curious to know more about Jesus. Upon asking Jesus where he lived, Jesus invited him to come and see. Andrew and his companion stayed with Jesus for the rest of that day. Who knows what exchange went on in those hours?
In today’s Gospel we read that Jesus was, watching them cast their nets before he called out to them. This watchful gaze of the Lord pierces the heart of men when they notice and hear the calling given them. What is amazing […]

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Nov. 29 VISION OF GOD Dan.7.2-14



The fist reading is one of the four visions of Daniel. God has also bestowed the gift upon Daniel of insight. He gazes upon visions into the night, similar to what we hear in John’s revelations. The language is similarly apocryphal. Daniel completed the book as we now have it shortly after the fall of the Babylonian Empire.

As Daniel gazes upon his visions, he notices four immense beats. They represented the various empires that were to take dominance over the Jewish people, namely, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. As he gazes he sees the sovereign God, the Ancient One takes his place upon the throne. As the books of judgment opened in heaven, he saw one like the son of man. In the new Covenant, this finds its fulfillment in Jesus, the Christ.

The great sea represents the world and all its peoples. Each beast represented in the vision has its own story of victory and defeat. The lion with eagle’s wings depicts the nation of Babylon with its power torn from beneath it. The bear on its side represents the superiority of the Persian with their various conquests over Lydia, Babylon and Egypt. The leopard signifies the speedy conquests of […]

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In the First Reading we see the result of Daniel’s faith when compared with the lack of faith, even bad faith of his accusers. For Daniel the lions mouths are sealed and he is safe in their presence; for his accusers and even their families, the lions are a deadly encounter!

The story of Daniel is similar to that of Joseph where he is able to read a message for a pagan king and is thus entrusted with a role of governance in the land. Daniel is not afraid to speak the truth to the king even though his interpretation of the words written on the wall would not really be one that the king welcomes. I believe it is Daniel’s commitment to the truth that God honors. It is a lesson to us all to seek the truth at all times and never to settle for anything less than the best – truth above all other temptations.

Many of the problems of the world today could be avoided if people in general were willing to submit their lives to the truth and live within their means and according to the commandments of God. The financial difficulties many face are a result […]

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Nov. 27 HOLINESS OF GOD Dan.5.1-28

One of the main themes that we see throughout the Book of Daniel is that of God’s sovereignty. This is the theme of the story of the first reading today.

The king is having an elaborate party with his friends. The party had many guests, officials of the Kingdom. Food and alcohol has no limits. It was a party for the richest and finest of the Kingdom. While under the influence of alcohol, they revel in sacrilegious ritual. The temple’s finery of vessels are handed over to the people. As they begin to drink from the costly vessels stolen from the temple in Jerusalem, they notice a strange sight. The fingers of a hand appear writing on the wall in view of them all to see. This sight shakes the king into disarray. He does not understand the writing but he has some kind of feeling that it is not good. He calls upon his sages to interpret the writing. None of them can interpret.

Daniel the wise interpreter of the king comes into his presence and begins to decipher the writing before them on the wall. The writing reveals measures of weight and monies. The King is weighed against the standards […]

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The Call: A new way of seeing

In the Beatitudes, Jesus says “blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. He is calling us to a new way of seeing the created world around us. We have a choice of seeing things ‘pre-fall’, or ‘post-fall’. Before the fall, Adam and Eve looked at the world as a gift that pointed them to God. When they looked at the world, they saw the love of God shining through in the ordinary things that surrounded them. After the fall, they could only see the world in a functional way. They looked at the world and only saw how it could be useful for them or bring them pleasure.

The call to be ‘pure in heart’ is really a call to see God present in everything, and in everyone. We are called to look beyond the surface and see the mystery within. Jesus calls us to see every created thing as a sacrament of the love and beauty of God, and then encounter this love by worshipping and thanking him for the gift.


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Nov.26 THE END Lk.21.5-11.

A city can be quite dazzling to a newcomer. Lights, buildings, shopping centers, the list is endless of what catches the eyes of a new person hitting a city for the first time. One can imagine how awestruck the disciples were as they wandered round the Temple of Herod. Herod’s Temple known for its extravagance in beauty, architecture and adornments- it was one of Herod’s main building projects. Jesus turns their attention to the fact that the beauty they see will one day be no more. As prophet, he is speaking of the destruction of the temple and the city itself, Jerusalem. Forty years after his death this was fulfilled. The destruction of the temple and city was a great blow to the people of Israel.
Jesus connects the prophecy of the destruction of the temple with the end of the world. The things that will happen to Jerusalem will be the prelude to the end of the world. The world as we know it will be destroyed. Some people think the end of the world is near, the rate the catastrophes are happening nowadays! Luke gives his version of the eschatological discourse. It will be a dramatic sight for all. […]

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Is Jesus the Lord of your Life?

Fr Ken Barker MGL give a very moving reflection on the feast of Christ the King based on his recent experience of being in Jerusalem.
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Nov. 25. THE RICHES OF GOD Lk. 21.1-4

The Gospel of Luke has a number of titles associated with it. One of the many titles is the Gospel of the Poor. Luke has as a preferential option for the poor. Today, Jesus observes the widow, who represents the poor of Israel.

The setting is that of the women’s court in the temple. Within the Temple, there are trumpet-like receptacles for people to make their donations. Jesus is watching the people enter into the temple (as we often do ourselves) and his eye catches sight of a widow, as she pays her respects to the Presence of God in the Temple. Jesus notices that many of the rich make their offerings. However, this widow catches his attention, since she has given her all-every penny she had to live on!

The coins that the widow puts in are perhaps equivalent to the 5 centavo in the Philippines- the smallest currency used nowadays. The copper coins of the widow were the smallest used in circulation at the time of Jesus. Most striking, according to Jesus, is the fact that the widow puts in two coins. She could have kept one coin for herself. She spares nothing for the Lord. The whole of her […]

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2013 Nov 24 SUN: CHRIST THE KING (Thirty-fourth and Last Sunday in Ordinary Time)


2 Sm 5: 1-3 It is true that the Lord anoints us all at baptism but then bestows a further anointing in the Spirit when he calls some of us to deeper responses and obedience to his will. This is not the favoring of one person over another but recognizing that certain tasks and roles require additional anointing and specific graces for them to be carried out successfully. Let us be satisfied in responding to the call that God has on our lives rather than worrying about whether or not someone else’s calling is better than ours!


Lord, too much time is wasted arguing over pointless trivialities when the work of the Kingdom of God should be being attended to. Help me to focus on what you ask me to do.


Col 1:12-20 This hymn in praise of the Incarnation is very beautiful and worth spending some time with in meditation. It is important that we reflect on these sorts of things often as it will help us grow in our appreciation and understanding of God’s work of salvation. This in turn will help us follow him more faithfully.


Jesus, you are the greatest of all gifts of the Father to us […]

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Nov. 23 LIFE FOREVER Lk. 20. 27-40

I once heard a joke: The Sadducees do not believe in the resurrection so they are “sad you see” (Sadd…u…cees). Do you get it? The Sadducees were a dominant religious group originated from the times of the Maccabees dynasty. Their name meant “righteous ones”. They were the societal aristocrats, rich descendants of high priests. In their many belief systems, they denied the concept of life after death and the resurrection of the body.

The Sadducees opposed Jesus because he accepted more than the teachings of the Torah, the authoritative tool for the Sadducees. They also opposed Jesus out of fear for loss of their powerful wealth and influence with the ruling power of the day, the Romans.

They come to pose their problem to Jesus hoping to ridicule his belief in the resurrection. They begin by citing the Law of Moses, the chief authority on such matters of life and religion. Jesus is intelligent in his reply as he states the obvious-there is no marriage in heaven. Marriage is an earthly reality, instituted by God for man and woman on earth. They are no longer united to those as if married but all become sons and daughters of God in the Kingdom. […]

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