I can remember receiving one report card in high school where my dad sat me down and it was very clear that he was not happy. There were a number of teachers who said that I was not as well-behaved as I should have been and so I thought I was about to get a lecture on respect and ‘being a good boy.’ However, I was wrong! He was not happy about the bad behavior but he was even more unhappy about something else that one of the teachers wrote. In effect she had written that I was not living up to the potential I had as regards the quality of work I was submitting. It was this that had really gained the ire of my father!


Jesus addresses a similar sort of thing in today’s parable. We have all been blessed with talents and gifts from God and we should be putting them to good use. Admittedly, we cannot use all of the gifts all of the time so we have to be sensibly when assessing ourselves in this regard. However, this is not an excuse to sit back and be lazy about using our gifts. God gives us our […]

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2013 Aug 30 Fri: Ordinary Weekday

1 Thes 4: 1-8   The first and primary calling of any Christian is the call to holiness – it captures every aspect of what it means to live a truly Christian life. Being holy does not mean praying all the time – it simply means getting to know what God wants you to be doing at any particular time and actually doing it! We live in a world of excess where people are too concerned about personal pleasure; one of the first calls of holiness will be recognizing and living the following principle: live simply so that others may simply live!


Jesus, you were not rich and nor did you exercise any worldly power. Help me to embrace the call to a simple life so that in al that I do I witness to the truth that my relationship with you is the most important thing in my life.


Mt 25: 1-13     This parable is all about being ready for whatever we are called to do in our lives. We cannot be disciples of Jesus if we are not willing to prepare ourselves to do what he asks us to do, whatever that may be. We do not know when God might […]

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2013 Aug 29 Thu: Martyrdom of John the Baptist M

Jer 1:17-19      Jeremiah, like many of the prophets, and this characteristic is not a bad indication of the integrity of any prophet, is a reluctant prophet. He realizes the incredible responsibility of speaking for God and directing the people of God according to God’s will. He knows that a lot of suffering will be involved, thus we can be sure that he is truly committed to all that he says. I know that I wont suffer for something that I do not believe.


Holy Spirit, help us all to live the life of a prophet by being living witnesses of the Gospel to the world.


Mk 6:17-29     Herod is a coward and unwilling to follow his conscience. He is also a fool to make such a ridiculous promise as he made to the daughter of Herodias. We will be able to avoid many problems in life if we follow our consciences and think before we speak.  Words are very powerful and have a way of creating situations out of very little. We should be careful with what we say lest we come to regret a few rash words spoken with little thought as to their possible consequences.


Holy Spirit, guide my speech according […]

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If there is one thing I do not want to be called it is a ‘white-washed tomb.’ ‘What is that?’ I hear you ask. Think about it for a moment in the context of our reflections over the last couple of days and I am sure you will discover the answer for yourself. Just in case, it is a hypocrite. Why? Well, think of the contrast of the inside of a tomb (rotting and decaying flesh and bones) and the look exteriorly of a pure white and fresh coat of paint. Ahh, you have the image now!


The white exterior correponds to the looks of a life of virtue and the inside fo the tomb to exactly the opposite. It is within our own power and our own power alone to determine which it is that we are! This truth is at the heart of a virtuous life in that the individual alone makes the decisions regarding the degree he or she pursues the life of virtue. Yes, the grace of God makes it possible to do so, however, without the decision of the individual (albeit aided by grace), it is impossible for God’s grace to do anything to bring about […]

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Following on from yesterday’s reflection it is good to spend a few moments discussing the nature of a virtuous life as it seems that there are not too many people who manage such a life. Yes, we all have our moments of virtue but what makes a saint stand out against all the rest of us is that his or her virtuous moments are sustained for long periods at a high level. It is relatively easy to get it right once in a while and even less frequently manage to string a few of these moments together  for a longer period of time, however, the true life of virtue is much more than this.


When we study the lives of the saints, and this is what we should spend some time doing in order to be inspired by them, we should be opening our hearts to the graces that make possible their response to God’s call. I wonder how many lives of the saints you are really familiar with? It would be a travesty of the gift their lives are to the Church for us to be familiar with only a few! Why limit ourselves unnecesssarily when there is so much […]

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How many will be saved?

God desires that all will be saved, yet he says that we must go through the narrow door. Fr Bony Abraham MGL speaks about the mystery of salvation in his homily for the 21st Sunday in Ordinary time, recorded live at St Benedict's Mission Center in Canberra.
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2013 Aug 26 Mon: Ordinary Weekday

1 Thes 1: 1-5. 8b-10    Paul has no doubts of the power of the Gospel to save us all. The best way we can proclaim the Gospel is through the witness of our lives. It is when people see the Gospel lived in action that they are usually most convinced of its truth. It is not a matter of having to know all the intellectual answers to all the questions of faith but having the faith to trust that the Holy Spirit will help us top know what we need, when we need it.


Holy Spirit, lead and guide me in the ways of Jesus’ truth and love. Help me to be a living witness to his great love for me so that when people meet me they will be meeting Jesus.


Mt 23: 13-22   A person who fails to live the Gospel can never properly guide another person In it. This is part of the principle of it not being possible to give away something we do not already have in our possession. I cannot introduce you to a person I do not already know myself. Let us then seek to be faithful witness to the truth of the Gospel so […]

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Is 66: 18-21     The latter part of the Book of Isaiah is written in the context of the restoration of Jerusalem as the Holy City of the world. It anticipates both the coming of the Messiah and perhaps even heaven itself in its imagery and hope. As we read a text such as the one before us today we need to be mindful that the intention of the writer is to encourage the people to trust that God will see them through to a life of ultimate glory no matter how hard things might be or seem at the moment.


Jesus, help me keep my eyes fixed on the vision of the promise of eternal life as I struggle with sin in my life so that I will never forget that with you victory is ultimately assured.


Heb 12: 5-7. 11-13      Spare the rod and spoil the child – it is an old saying and one that is true despite the fact that in many countries today such punishments are illegal! Discipline is essential to every life of success every known in history. Nobody will achieve success without it. This is true of the spiritual life as well. We have to be […]

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2013 Aug 24 Sat: Bartholomew, ap F

Rv 21: 9b-14   The apostles are the Fathers of our faith. It is upon their response to the call of Jesus that our own faith journeys are built, as without them, faith in Jesus Christ would have died virtually before it had had a chance to grow! All the apostles except John are martyred for their faith! This is the level of commitment they gave to proclaiming the Gospel to the nations. Let us seek to imitate not just their faith but their commitment to sharing it with others as well.


Holy Spirit, inspire within me a desire to share my faith with others. Help me to do this with humility and trust that it is ultimately your job to convince them to believe.


Jn 1: 45-51We will all have doubts in our lives from time to time. It is important, therefore, that we remember that these doubts do not have to overwhelm us. The Holy Spirit is there to help us understand and grow in our faith. Let us be open in both our minds and hearts top the truths of the Gospel and so allow the Holy Spirit to help us in our faith. Let us never despair no matter […]

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The law that encompasses all others is the command of love – we are all called to love God and each other without any exceptions! We are often particular in our love of others, choosing to love most people and refusing to love a few. This is not acceptable to the Christian way of life. The Law of Love commanded by Jesus is that we should love everyone, including our enemies. This is what sets Christianity apart from other religions. The universality of the command to love means that we have a very sophisticated understanding of the idea of forgiveness, something that is deficient and even absent from other religions and ways of life.



Jesus is right, of course he is, when he answers that he rest of the Law rests on the dual command of love – love of God and love of neighbour. It is worth our reflecting upon how this is true as I believe it can help inspire us to give greater effort along these lines. If we understand that love is at the heart of all we do as people, we will realize that it is the expressions of love, from the smallest to the greatest, […]

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