Jesus is the Gate

We can only stay faithful to Jesus when we experience his love and care for us. Fr Bony Abraham MGL explains what it means that Jesus is the 'gate' in this homily for the 4th Sunday of Easter.
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The Transformation of Peter

Peter had ever reason to be afraid when he encountered the risen Christ, yet he was transformed by this encounter of Love. Fr Steve Fletcher MGL calls us to share in this same encounter.
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Good Friday Homily

Here’s my homily for Good Friday this year. I was preaching at Light to the Nations, which is a biennial pilgrimage held by the Disciples of Jesus Community. The homily was recorded and you can listen to it on the CRADIO website here. I haven’t been posting too much lately – I’m working on my […]
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Rejoicing when your life is a mess

Knowing that you are a sinner is a beautiful thing if you know that you have a saviour. Fr David Callaghan MGL speaks about why the Early church spent so much time praising God in this homily for the feast of the Divine Mercy.
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Let yourself be loved

Open your eyes to see the love that is in front of you. Fr David Callaghan MGL speaks about the way that Christ reveals his
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