Wis 9: 13-18b              The world will seek to distract us from our focus on faith saying that it is not scientific and that we (the world) knows better today. Yes, we can explain the scientific realities much better than we could 2000 years ago, but this does not mean that we have also plumbed the depth of the meaning of life per se, or indeed many of the experiences associated with it such as suffering and death.


Lord Jesus, it is only through faith in you that I can come to a satisfactory understanding of suffering and death – through embracing the truth of your passion and death. Help me to bring this wisdom to the world.


Phlm 9-10. 12-17        We do not accept the legitimacy of slavery today as people did 2000 years ago. Yes, there are still pockets of slavery in the world today but this is against the better wisdom and understanding of our humanity and the dignity of the human person. Should Jesus have spoken out against slavery more specifically? Maybe he could have done so, but would it have made much of a difference. He had a particularly mission to expose a particular kind of slavery (to sin) and to deal with that.


Thank you Jesus for freeing me from slavery to sin. Help me to work hard to free humanity from any other slavery it has imprisoned itself in today.


Lk 14: 25- 33  Does Jesus want us to hate our family and friends? I do not think so! However, he does want us to put serving his Kingdom over and above any allegiance we might have to family or friends. It is the truth of the Kingdom of God that is paramount. As disciples of Jesus we need to ensure that our we measure our decisions against the yardstick of the truths of the Kingdom of God and not anything else.


Jesus, help me to live the fullness of the life you have given me by living according to my and everyone’s human dignity, and thus discover the true fulfillment you desire for all people.