Col 1: 21-23    Paul is one of the first to understand that the Gospel is meant for all people. Christianity is a religion and way of life that is going to be able to adapt to all cultures and peoples; or more correctly, Christianity is able to draw the best and good from all cultures and show how the cultures have already got the seeds of the Gospel sown in them in their fundamental humanitarian principles.


Jesus, help me to be able to know how to draw the best from the philosophies and cultures I encounter in life and so enrich my understanding of the Gospel with them.


Lk 6: 1-5         Jesus demands that we act for the good of one another and never solely for ourselves. This is true of the Law also in that it is there to serve the people of God and help them follow him, not make our lives more difficult for no reason. Yes, the Law forbids some things but that is for our own good as they are antithetical to our human dignity. A true law promotes respect for our humanity and never denies it!


Holy Spirit, help me to interpret and follow the Law of God according to its proper understanding. Help me to learn the truth from the teachings of the Church on moral and faith related matters.