Col 1: 15-20    God is the source of all good; he is the Creator behind the universe. Could he have created the world without the possibility of moral evil (that is, sin)? Yes, he could have done that but the world would be virtually nothing like this one as there would be no moral freedom in it. Every action would be predetermined in order that sin was impossible. I do not think there would be much value, in fact there would be absolutely none in such a creation.


Father, thank you for the gift of free will. Help me to use it well – choosing good over evil as I seek to be your disciple.


Lk 5: 33-39     There are traditions that stand the test of time and there are those that are with us for a limited period of time. The time sometimes comes when the old ways have to give way to the new. This does not mean that the old ways were old, but that because of the changing times new ways have to be developed to proclaim the Gospel effectively. Ten years ago no one had a Facebook account, and in ten more maybe that will have evolved into something else too.


Jesus, help the Church to be able to use well the new forms of media that are developing all the time. The Gospel does not change, but the ways we express it have to move with the times!