Col 3: 1-11      our minds must become captive to Christ. In Romans 12 Paul reminds us that the real battle of salvation is won or lost in our minds as without our minds being in submission to the will of God there is absolutely no way that we will be able to follow his will! Jesus, help me to surrender my mind to the will of God; help me to place my life in submission to him.


Jesus, you know what is best for my life – help me to trust that wherever you take me is the best place for me to be at that time.


Lk 6: 20-26     The Lucan versions of the beatitudes have a corresponding set of opposites. It is sometimes good for us to reflect upon the negative consequences of some actions as it may discourage us from considering them, let alone doing them! Anything that works in getting me to choose well is good enough for me! Let us pray, however, that we will allow our desire to do and be good that governs the motives for our actions most of the time.


Jesus, you always acted out of love for us. You were never driven by fear or any other negative motivation. Help me to purify my motives in the experience of your love.