Col 2: 6-15      Meditate upon the first couple of lines of today’s first reading until it is seared into your memory! I assure you that it will be well worth the effort as in these lines is the outline by which we will grow in holiness every day of our lives. The only catch is that we have to model our lives upon what they tell us is the way of Christian living!


Jesus, help me to accept the truth that it is in, with and by your grace that I live. Without you I am nothing! May I always seek your wisdom in the choices I make in life.


Lk 6: 12-19     Jesus goes off to the hills to pray. Jesus knows how important prayer is to his relationship with his Father. We need to be convinced of the same if we are to grow in our Christian lives. Let us seek to learn from the way Christ lived his life, reflecting and praying often about what was to come next. It is important that we develop good habits of prayer and reflection in our lives.


Holy Spirit, help me to work out a healthy balance of prayer and action in my life. Let me neglect either as I seek to remain faithful to God’s calling.