Sir 3: 17-18. 20. 28-29            Pride is an insidious reality that eats away at a person’s life like cancer. It is something that as Christians we must avoid at all costs if we are serious about being a disciple of Jesus. As we seek to give our lives to Christ and work in his Kingdom, let us remember that it is all done by the grace of God and it is God who should get the glory, not us.


Lord Jesus, help me to remember that It is only by grace, that comes from you, that I am saved. Yes, I need to respond the gift of your grace by allowing it to inspire good works, but even then help me acknowledge that this is still you working within me.


Heb 12: 18-19. 22-24a            Jesus is the only mediator between God and humanity. It is through him alone that anyone can be saved and receive the gift of eternal life. We can share in Jesus’ mediation through being his disciple, but even so he remains the one, true mediator of salvation to all. Yes, we can pray to the father and to the Holy Spirit, but the grace of salvation is always mediated through the person of Jesus Christ.


Holy Spirit, help me to understand the dynamic of salvation so that I will never forget that it is Jesus who saves. Help me to entrust my life to him.


Lk 14: 1. 7-14 The opposite of pride is humility and humility has a lot to do with truth. It is true that none of us are worthy of our own doing to stand in the presence of God. It is grace alone that allows us to do that! Likewise, today’s parable reminds us that we should never assume that we are more important than anyone else in the room. God’s ways of looking at life are not necessarily the same as the world’s. Let us be humble and be positioned so that we can move up a seat rather than risk being told to vacate a seat for someone else.


Jesus, help me to grow in humility by knowing the truth about my relationship with you. Help me to improve my humility by seeking to serve rather than to be served.