Ex 17: 8-13 No one can stand alone in the battle against the powers of evil. Moses needs two men to help him keep his hands raised so that the Israelites will prevail in battle. This may sound like e a ridiculous way to win a battle but it is more importantly symbolic of the nature of the spiritual battle where we stand together against a common enemy or we fall as individuals standing alone.


Holy Spirit, strengthen my commitment and resolve to live as a member of the faith community, walking and working with all who wish to build the Kingdom of God.


2 Tm 3: 14 – 4: 2 Why aren’t we more committed to reading the Scriptures regularly? St Paul reminds us that they are useful for teaching and many other aspects of the Christian life that are important to discipleship. As Disciples of Jesus, let us be committed to reading and meditating upon the word of God regularly so that we can be properly formed in the mind and heart of God.


Holy Spirit, inspire me to spend more time reading and meditating on the word of God. Help me to leave behind the cares of the world and take more interest in the ways and truths of the Kingdom.


Lk 18: 1-8 There are many situations where we will encounter the truth that motivations are difficult to understand. Sometimes this can be true even within our self-understanding. It is essential that we seek to purify our own motivations such that we act out of love for God and our neighbor rather than merely for selfish reasons. Even when it is difficult, and perhaps this is the most important time of all, we must always try to keep our motivations pure and holy.


Lord, it is only by your grace that I will have pure motivations. Help me to grow in this area of my life so that I will give better witness to your love and mercy.