2 Sm 5: 1-3 It is true that the Lord anoints us all at baptism but then bestows a further anointing in the Spirit when he calls some of us to deeper responses and obedience to his will. This is not the favoring of one person over another but recognizing that certain tasks and roles require additional anointing and specific graces for them to be carried out successfully. Let us be satisfied in responding to the call that God has on our lives rather than worrying about whether or not someone else’s calling is better than ours!


Lord, too much time is wasted arguing over pointless trivialities when the work of the Kingdom of God should be being attended to. Help me to focus on what you ask me to do.


Col 1:12-20 This hymn in praise of the Incarnation is very beautiful and worth spending some time with in meditation. It is important that we reflect on these sorts of things often as it will help us grow in our appreciation and understanding of God’s work of salvation. This in turn will help us follow him more faithfully.


Jesus, you are the greatest of all gifts of the Father to us as you carry with you our salvation. Help me to deepen in my knowledge and understanding of this truth.


Lk 23: 35-43 The foolishness of those jeering at Jesus as he hangs on the cross will come back to haunt them eventually. The question I want answered is, “What do they think they are gaining by jeering at Jesus?” He is about to die so even if he is your enemy you have won – where is your civility and graciousness? We should NEVER gloat over another person’s defeat as we never know when we might be in that same situation.


Lord Jesus, you always thought the best of others; you never belittled anyone. Yes, you spoke the truth but you always did that with love. Help me to be more like you in this.