Mal 3: 19-20a The Day of Judgment looms large for us all. None of us can avoid it! The best thing we can do is to prepare well by living according to the Gospel to the best of our ability. God seeks perfection but focuses far more on the desire with which we seek it than our success in achieving that goal. Help me to grow in my desire to be your disciple.


Holy Spirit, open my heart to the graces of your Spirit available to me through faith. Help me to make good use of them all.


2 Thes 3: 7-12 Paul does not tolerate freeloaders! He would have a fit if he discovered any ‘handout mentality’ developing in any of the communities he founded. We should follow his lead in this and seek to promote the full dignity of the human person by helping them to find the means to help themselves. One of the first responsibilities of state government is to provide work for its citizens. This is one of the most important focuses of the legislative agenda of the government.


Jesus, help our governments to fulfill their duty in creating environments where providing work for all is a primary objective.


Lk 21: 5-19 The amount the Church spends on buildings can very easily become a scandal. It is essential that the Church focus on the people and not the material things under its care. Yes, stewardship demands we take care of all that is entrusted to us but the right balance must be found lest we lose our focus upon the things that truly matter, and it is people who should be our first concern.


Jesus, help me to do what I can to improve the lives of those less fortunate than me. Help me to choose to sacrifice my comfort if it will help improve the life of my neighbor.