1 Thes 4: 1-8   The first and primary calling of any Christian is the call to holiness – it captures every aspect of what it means to live a truly Christian life. Being holy does not mean praying all the time – it simply means getting to know what God wants you to be doing at any particular time and actually doing it! We live in a world of excess where people are too concerned about personal pleasure; one of the first calls of holiness will be recognizing and living the following principle: live simply so that others may simply live!


Jesus, you were not rich and nor did you exercise any worldly power. Help me to embrace the call to a simple life so that in al that I do I witness to the truth that my relationship with you is the most important thing in my life.


Mt 25: 1-13     This parable is all about being ready for whatever we are called to do in our lives. We cannot be disciples of Jesus if we are not willing to prepare ourselves to do what he asks us to do, whatever that may be. We do not know when God might call us to something new; are we ready to respond? It is unlikely that God will uproot us unless there is a very serious reason to do so, but we should be ready for anything just in case …


Jesus, teach me how to prepare for the unexpected so that when I hear your call, whatever it may be, I will be ready to say with Mary, “Be it done unto me according to your word.”