Jer 1:17-19      Jeremiah, like many of the prophets, and this characteristic is not a bad indication of the integrity of any prophet, is a reluctant prophet. He realizes the incredible responsibility of speaking for God and directing the people of God according to God’s will. He knows that a lot of suffering will be involved, thus we can be sure that he is truly committed to all that he says. I know that I wont suffer for something that I do not believe.


Holy Spirit, help us all to live the life of a prophet by being living witnesses of the Gospel to the world.


Mk 6:17-29     Herod is a coward and unwilling to follow his conscience. He is also a fool to make such a ridiculous promise as he made to the daughter of Herodias. We will be able to avoid many problems in life if we follow our consciences and think before we speak.  Words are very powerful and have a way of creating situations out of very little. We should be careful with what we say lest we come to regret a few rash words spoken with little thought as to their possible consequences.


Holy Spirit, guide my speech according to the truth of the Gospel so that all I say will give glory to both God and the truth.