1 Thes 1: 1-5. 8b-10    Paul has no doubts of the power of the Gospel to save us all. The best way we can proclaim the Gospel is through the witness of our lives. It is when people see the Gospel lived in action that they are usually most convinced of its truth. It is not a matter of having to know all the intellectual answers to all the questions of faith but having the faith to trust that the Holy Spirit will help us top know what we need, when we need it.


Holy Spirit, lead and guide me in the ways of Jesus’ truth and love. Help me to be a living witness to his great love for me so that when people meet me they will be meeting Jesus.


Mt 23: 13-22   A person who fails to live the Gospel can never properly guide another person In it. This is part of the principle of it not being possible to give away something we do not already have in our possession. I cannot introduce you to a person I do not already know myself. Let us then seek to be faithful witness to the truth of the Gospel so that no one will ever be able to rightfully label us as hypocrites.


Jesus, you were without hypocrisy – all that you said you stood behind and did it! Help me to follow your example as I seek to be your disciple.