Rv 21: 9b-14   The apostles are the Fathers of our faith. It is upon their response to the call of Jesus that our own faith journeys are built, as without them, faith in Jesus Christ would have died virtually before it had had a chance to grow! All the apostles except John are martyred for their faith! This is the level of commitment they gave to proclaiming the Gospel to the nations. Let us seek to imitate not just their faith but their commitment to sharing it with others as well.


Holy Spirit, inspire within me a desire to share my faith with others. Help me to do this with humility and trust that it is ultimately your job to convince them to believe.


Jn 1: 45-51We will all have doubts in our lives from time to time. It is important, therefore, that we remember that these doubts do not have to overwhelm us. The Holy Spirit is there to help us understand and grow in our faith. Let us be open in both our minds and hearts top the truths of the Gospel and so allow the Holy Spirit to help us in our faith. Let us never despair no matter how deep our doubts may become.


Jesus, you are the source of all truth and grace. Help me to allow the Holy Spirit to open my mind to receive this truth in all its fullness.