Jgs 11: 29-39a             We should be careful not to make unreasonable commitments such as the one of Jephthah in today’s Reading. There is nothing to be gained from such a ridiculous commitment! God will not be any more convinced to listen to our pleas with such a commitment. Let us trust that God is a reasonable God and that simply placing our needs before him in faith will be sufficient for him to pay attention to us.


Holy Spirit, help me to be convinced of the truth of God’s desire for my greater wellbeing so that I will willingly follow his will for my life.


Mt 22: 1-14     The grace of God is always at work in our lives but this does not mean that we can take it for granted, let alone abuse its presence and the power it gives us. Grace is a fragile commodity in that it can be used or responded to well only with humility. It is just like any other gift that we receive: we ought to be grateful for having received it; we ought to respect the giver; we ought to use the gift well! Furthermore, being an unmerited gift from God we also ought to try to use the gift of grace for the benefit of others as well as of ourselves.


Jesus, help me to remain grateful to you for the many graces at work in my life. May I never lose sight of you, the giver, or the responsibility to allow the graces at work in my life to bear fruit for your Kingdom.