Most scholars agree that there is at least an element of the apocryphal in the story of Jonah and the whale – is it really possible for a whale to consume a person and then spew them out on the shore at a later date? Well, regardless of the veracity of this story, Jesus uses it to make a point during his ministry and the point is precisely to emphasise that no matter how fantastic the story of Jonah and the whale is, even more amazing is the reality the people are experiencing in the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God into their lives through the miracles and preaching of Jesus.

The wisdom of Solomon is not apocryphal and it drew visits from royalty coming from east and west. The wisdom of God is being manifest in the words of Jesus in a way that is far greater than through Solomon. Fort example, Jesus actually speaks the forgiveness of sins of those who repent. The forgiveness of sins is part of the wisdom of God for our salvation. Yes, I say wisdom, because only through the reasoning of God could anyone have arrived at the plan of salvation that Jesus implements. More truthfully I guess we should be speaking of the merciful wisdom of God, nevertheless, we are speaking of wisdom.

We are all disciples of Jesus. As disciples we need to learn that the grace of God that manifests itself in our lives is God’s wisdom and plan for us and the world of today. This wisdom has the same roots as that at work in Jesus’ time, but today’s society is different and God adjusts its expression in order to suit the needs of our times. We must learn to accept the grace of God as it is given us and not expect God to do things the same way he has in the past. Yes, the end result or goal is the same, but the means by which it will be achieved is necessarily different due to the different needs of the people of today.

We must not be afraid of innovation or new things and be like the wise scribe who is able to draw things from his storehouse – things both new and old.

Do I tend to yearn for the days when faith seemed simpler and God was more active? If so, then it is unlikely you will ever be satisfied with your faith.

Jesus, help me to realise that you are working in the world today just as actively as you have in years gone by. Help me to discern what it is you are doing so that I will be able to participate in it to the best of my ability.